Top Apps like Day One for Android

Lots of people keep some sort of journal. Journals really are a way for people to log their thoughts, and it could be a deeply therapeutic exercise. Not only that, but keeping a journal is a lot like scrapbooking, for the reason that you can easily look back at past entries and relive your absolute best (and worst) days. People have been keeping journals for literal centuries, but with modern tools, it’s become easier than ever. Day One is certainly one of the most used journal apps out there, but it’s only available for iOS devices. What kind of options are available to Android users? In this short article, I’m likely to be speaing frankly about some of the finest journal apps like Day One which are compatible with the Android platform. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Gratitude Journal

The very first app on my like of the finest apps like Day One is listed in the Google Play Store as Gratitude Journal, but it’s probably better referred to as Bliss. I discussed earlier that there surely is a particular therapeutic quality to keeping a journal, and Bliss is an app that takes that idea to a complete other level. This app was created specifically to produce a positive meditative space for the users. When you open up the app, you’re asked to write down what you’re grateful for. It’s created for self-reflection, and users of this app can attest to its ability to brighten their moods and get rid of their psyche. Bliss is extremely user-friendly, and it also includes all sorts of different exercises which are meant to help you relax and improve your mental health. Overall, it takes a very holistic way of your standard journal app.

  1. Jotterpad

Next, let’s talk a little bit about Jotterpad. iOS devices include the classic Notes app, which can be used to create and store notes. However, it isn’t probably the most comprehensive tool on earth, and neither is Android’s equivalent. Jotterpad is more of a regular writing app than a journal app, but I think that maybe it’s easily found in either way. Unlike many word processing apps, this 1 was created in a really clean and sleek way. There aren’t many obtrusive menus or overly complicated lists of options. If you take into account the fact an app like that is just meant to be written in, it certainly doesn’t need a lot of features. In my own mind, as it pertains with word processing apps, Jotterpad is definitely one of many best. It’s distraction free yet still packed with some minimal, functional features. It should service every need that the typical writer has.

  1. Journey

Journey is probably certainly one of the most used diary apps out there, and I think that it’s for very good reason. It provides numerous different tools and features which make it feel far more special than a number of the other journal apps that you might find on the Google Play Store. With Journey, you can certainly do far more than jot down that which you did today. Along along with your standard text, you can even integrate things like photo and video into your entries. Not only that, however your entries also can log things like weather and location. Looking back on a Journey entry, you might be especially touched whenever you remember how awful the weather was whenever you had that great movie night with friends and family at home. Overall, the features here just add a certain sentimental touch with a of your chosen memories.

  1. Penzu

The next item on our list of the finest Android apps like Day One is Penzu. I believe that it strikes a balance that Journey isn’t completely able to obtain, in that it allows you to perform a lot without completely overwhelming you. You may even go in terms of to encrypt your journals, if you actually want to keep people from the personal thoughts. Penzu offers unlimited journaling supported the cloud, meaning you can write to your heart’s content without having to bother about page limits or anything like that. You may even personalize your journal covers on Penzu, to incorporate a far more personal touch.

  1. Diaro

Next, let’s speak about Diaro. Diaro is definitely certainly one of the most used journal apps out there, with an incredible number of users round the world. Surely an app that popular must be good, right? Well, in this case, that’s right. Diaro is beautifully designed, combining simplicity with function to produce a user experience that is perfectly tuned to your personal needs. You customize the consumer interface for yourself, lock your entries behind a password, sort your entries by type, and attach as numerous photos as you want to each entry. To put it simply, Diaro has it all. Most impressively, it’s able to contain many of these powerful features without having to be too overwhelming. I’m confident a tech-savvy twenty-something could use this app just in addition to someone who may not need as much experience with apps in general.

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