Top Apps Like Crown It

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If the Crown It app isn’t in your country yet then check out these great apps like Crown It that you could download for free to start earning cash back from shopping.

Crown It specializes in giving you cash back on cosmetics and services, mobile recharges, shopping and more. Your rewards are made back once again to as crowns and can later be used to redeem the most effective deals, vouchers online recharge as well as help pay your mobile bill.

Among the newest features which were added to the app is Crown It Wallet which provides a leading shopping experience and your popular stores. Crown It’s not just helpful for earning cash back but it also helps you find the favorite restaurants and stores in your area.

Among the only downfalls of Crown, It’s that this app is obtainable in 8 cities and only in a couple countries. It might take this provider quite a long time before it goes global but lucky for anyone who can’t use this app there are numerous other apps like Crown It that you could download.


Magicpin is a community where you could discover people, get likes and followers on your selfies while getting deals and rewards from merchants around the area. This app can tell you where the hottest spots are happening in your area. To obtain cash back and rewards from the merchants, simply visit among Magicpin’s partners and upload a selfie, showing what your location is at. You will win cashback and discounts as magic in points. That is one of the more unique apps like Crown it; however, its only in a handful of countries right now.


Ibotta may be the app that provides you cash back each time you create a purchase, or at least they say they do. This app works by permitting you to unlock rebates and then shopping at your preferred stores for anyone featured products. After you buy something, just verify it by going for a picture of one’s receipt. Ibotta is among the most popular apps like Crown It and has given over $89 million back once again to users. With this particular app, you can generate cash back on your each and everyday groceries, apparel, electronics, cosmetics and much more. Download Ibotta today for free and start receiving cash back right away. New users get a supplementary $10 for signing up so hurry. That’s 10 free dollars!

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is one of the more pleasurable apps like Crown It that turns your everyday receipts and turns them into cash and rewards. This app works by having you take pictures of one’s receipts from any store, cafe or restaurant and redeeming them to obtain rewards for spins at the virtual slot machine, coins, and other prizes. Receipt Hog has paid out over $2.5 million to its users and look to keep paying out more. The cool thing about any of it app is that you can actually watch your hog get fatter as you feed him more receipts in which you can turn in to obtain cool prizes.


Ebates is the internet site and app that will save you thousands with coupons, promo codes and cash back from shopping. This app has partnered with over 2,000 big named stores to give back once again to you. Ebates pays you to search through them. Unlike other apps like Crown It, you do not have to fill in rebate forms or take pictures of one’s coupons to obtain cash back but rather just shop through the app to save. You can make from stores like Walmart, JCPenny, Kohl’s, Home Depot and more. With Ebates you can save around 40% on merchandise and likewise have a chance to get double cash back.

Cash Back Finder

Cash Back Finder searches from over 10,000 stores to locate you the most effective rewards once you shop. With this particular app, you can find and compare stores to find very good deals, cash back, and rewards. All you do is search your desired store to learn which website is offering the most effective cash back rewards, view and compare the various rates and then click the reward website to search and earn your reward. You will find a huge selection of deals to your big stores like Best Buy, Target, Amazon and more. We believe Cash Back Finder may be one of the finest apps like Crown It in the long run since it continues to grow.

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