Top Apps like Burner

Burner is best known to be a good way to generate an alternate contact number that you can call and text from. We are going to let you know about the best apps like Burner which are available right now.

The burner can be acquired on both iOS and Android and it enables you to create a phone number that you can call and text from. It’s only available for people in Canada or the United States. The app works using the minutes from your own normal smartphone carrier, but the voicemail inbox isn’t mounted on your real phone.

This app enables you to burn your number, hence the name of the app. What this means is you can delete the quantity anytime and get a new Burner phone number. You will have the ability to purchase credit packs, while there is no real standardized plan with Burner. The credit packs are great for per week, monthly, fourteen days, and more. Each pack has different minutes and texts associated with them. In addition, you can just pay the $4.99 monthly for the unlimited plan.

You are able to connect your Burner number to many different services and apps too. From SoundCloud to Dropbox or Slack and Evernote. This is great for those occasions when you will need a phone verification or for when you will need a number that is not your real someone to speak with people online. You are able to consider Burners like a way to place a level between you and the world.

Top 4 Apps like Burner in 2018


Hushed tops our list of the best apps like Burner which are available for both iOS and Android. Hushed is the greatest because the design of the app is amazing, and you can select your personal area code. This app supports over 40 countries when it comes to the contact number choices, and you can use data or Wi-Fi with this specific app. Hushed is one of the best Burner alternatives because you may also choose to have a private number if you spend on it. If you want to use the quantity a whole lot, you just need to pay $4.99 monthly for the unlimited plan. You will get a 3-day free trial offer to see if Hushed is right for you.

In the event that you delete your Hushed number, then you definitely have to make a new plan and get a new number. You are able to text with this specific app, but it is just for UK, Canada, and the United States. It’s cool because you can choose to own your texting self-destruct if that is what you are into.

TextMe Up

TextMe Up is one of the best apps like Burner out there and comes for you from TextMe Inc. This app can be acquired on both iOS and Android for free. You will have to pay $2.99 though monthly if you would like the unlimited calling. If you only need some time with the device, you can make some credits by watching videos and completing various offers. They are simple tasks and each one of these will give you a credit or two. You are able to text or necessitate free anywhere in the United States or Canada.

With this particular app, you can make international calls to over 200 countries with TextMe Up. Another cool feature is that you choose your personal number predicated on whether your home is in Canada, the United States, or perhaps a foreign country. This app is a lot newer than TextMe, this means it could have some issues here and there. Overall, if you will need a burner number and are buying basic option, TextMe Up is a good choice.


Sideline can be in our listing of apps like Burner, and it can be available for both iOS and Android. Sideline is fantastic since it works for the United States and Canada, the same as Burner. It also will use your carrier network, so keep that at heart because it will show up on your bill.

You may make voicemail separate from your personal phone number. In addition, you can port over phone numbers from other individuals and services. Sideline is completely free and runs mostly with advertisements. You are able to pay $2.99 to get the Sideline Pro subscription, that may take away the advertisements if they bother you.


Lastly, on our listing of apps like Burner, we have Line2. This is a software for both iOS and Android that provides you a huge amount of minutes and messaging options. You can get 5,000 minutes monthly and unlimited text messaging. Line2 offers you both your own and business setup, meaning there are features for pretty much anything you may want.

If you prefer Burner, then you definitely will like Line2 because you may get your personal contact number that you can use as opposed to utilizing your own mobile phone number. You will have the ability to select your personal number, including from the United States or from Canada. You are likewise able to get international calling rates which are pretty low.

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