Top Apps Like Boomerang

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Boomerang is a great app but when you intend to find some other apps like Boomerang then read the list below. We’ve searched the internet to locate you the most effective Boomerang alternatives.

The Boomerang app was produced by Instagram allowing users an easy way to generate amazing mini videos that loop back and forth. As you already may have guessed it, you can then share these videos on Instagram and other social media platforms.

This app is really easy to use that it only takes one click of a switch to create mini videos. All you do is tap the button once, face leading of the camera and Boomerang will require 10 quick photos and turns them into a short video where you can then share on Facebook or Instagram. You can even save them to your camera roll for later use.

Since this app is relatively new, there are always a lot of updates being done which could sometimes be described as a pain. That being said, there are several other apps on the market just like Boomerang that you could download for free. Take a peek below and let us know which app can be your favorite.


Viva Video is really a little distinctive from other apps like Boomerang; however, we thought you might still be thinking about downloading it and checking it out. With this app, you can cause stunning videos and slideshows to generally share with your friends on your own social media accounts. VivaVideo is reported to be one of the best video editing apps on the market today. The developers of this app just arrived with an important update to enhance user experience and upsurge in performance.  With VivaVideo, you’re able to pick from different video camera lenses, make slideshows and download over 200+ materials to enhance your videos.


Flipagram is among the easiest ways to generate, edit and share beautiful videos with all your friends. This app is one of the most popular video apps worldwide to show off your stories. In three steps you can be on the way to sharing great videos to everyone. First, select your photos or video clips, add your favorite music and filters to tell your story and then give friends. If you would like want of the greater apps like Boomerang then we recommend trying Flipagram.


This is a new app so it’s many updates ahead before it is perfected; however, they are attempting to compete directly with Boomerang so we realize it can become an amazing app. If you like to try new apps before other folks do then we encourage you to download DSCO and check it out. Because DSCO is produced by VSCO as soon as you create the GIF video it gets posted to VSCO right away. We are interested to observe how this app does in comparison to other apps like Boomerang in the future.


PHHHOTO is the newest generation camera that shoots instant moving pictures to make a short video and share with your friends. Unlike other apps like Boomerang, this app is appropriate for both iOS and Android systems. After you take your quick photos, PHHHOTO will automatically put them in the quick video that loops forever. They instant animated camera brings everything alive via a short video.

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