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Regardless of vShare, Appcake might be the most popular third-party iOS repository that you will discover out there. It has existed for a lengthy time, and it has accrued a very loyal user base. In the event of third-party app stores, it can be quite helpful to really have a large user community. In most cases, the more expensive your user base, the more expensive your selection will end up with time, as more and more users subscribe to the app’s offerings. Appcake isn’t any exception. I think, they probably have one of the more extensive selections that you will discover in a third-party app store.

  1. vShare

vShare’s most notable feature is the fact it hosts primarily cracked apps. What’s a cracked app? Basically, it’s a settled app that is uploaded onto a free of charge app repository (like vShare) with the intention to be downloaded by other users. Apps can be cracked for a number of purposes, to permit users to “try before they buy” or to permit developers to test out their apps on different devices without having to spend the amount of money for it. When I composed this list of the finest apps like vShare, I looked for apps which were user friendly, offered a broad selection, and were well-supported. Without further ado, here’s an inventory of the finest apps like vShare in 2016.

  1. Zeusmos

Back in the day, the largest and hottest third-party app store for iOS was a software that went by the name of ‘Installous ‘. Installous closed down many years ago, and people scrambled to get replacements. Zeusmos was an alternate that I heard mentioned a whole lot, and it remains one of the most professional-looking third-party app stores out there. I think, apps like vShare and Appcake are great, but they’re not very attractive, and all of the different menus and what not can be difficult to navigate. Zeusmos looks and feels great, from the user-interface perspective.

  1. AppAddict

AppAddict is just a cool tool, because it’s a computer repository that doubles as an actual mobile application. Allow me to explain. Some third-party app stores aren’t actually apps — they’re websites that may be accessed with a browser. You download .ipa files from these websites, and use a software on your pc to load the .ipa on your iDevice. (An .ipa would be to your iDevice as an .exe would be to a Windows computer.) AppAddict itself is a website, but their application, called iSignCloud.

  1. PandaApp

Remember when I mentioned third-party app stores which were just websites? PandaApp is one of those stores. I do believe that a lot of men and women are often biased against web browser applications, since they might need a tad bit more work than other third-party stores. However, I believe there’s definitely something to be said concerning the freedom that you’re given with PandaApp. I think, vShare is a good app store replacement, however the .ipa installation needs work. It’s slow, and it’s kind of unstable. With PandaApp, you’re just downloading .ipas, and going elsewhere to install them.

  1. iFunBox

iFunBox is just a really cool software, and I do believe that every iDevice user has something to get out of it. It is a third-party app store that doubles as an .ipa installer, which doubles as an iDevice file manager. As someone with lots of iDevices, I use iFunBox a lot, primarily to easily import and export audio files. It’s very comprehensive, and offers lots of different uses without ever feeling too confusing.

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