Top Alternatives to YouSendIt

We’ve got a range of YouSendIt alternatives lined up for you personally below to sooth those data transfer woes, especially when it comes to sharing large files. Most substitutes we’re planning to jot down are popular names that you’ve surely heard about before and probably even used. So, building a selection must certanly be much more convenient for you. Plus, we’ve given brief descriptions of the features and additional benefits you’ll receive for each option in addition to the pricing details. Needless to say, if you’re in a need of a replacement the service under consideration, we highly recommend that you read on.

  1. Mediafire

Mediafire has certainly grown in popularity over the past few years and it is also an intuitive file sharing website. There are still 4 subscriptions available for this service. The free option delivers 50GB of storage and a maximum upload size of 500MB. The personal ($1.50 a month) and pro ($4.50 a month) accounts tag along 50GB and 250GB of online hoarding in addition to 1GB and 4GB upload limits, respectively. Enterprise users can choose the business enterprise option that delivers 1TB of cloud space and a 10GB file size limit for $24.50 per month. You’ll also be presented with additional perks based on the account type opted. They include enhanced SSL encryption, online document viewing and editing, no ads and the capacity to download entire folders amongst others.

  1. SendSpace

SendSpace is the following iteration to your sites like YouSendIt compilation. With the Wizard app for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, you’ll be able to upload multiple files, resume broken transfers, manage data and also add new content by simply dragging and dropping them to the window. The Android and iOS applications work in a similar manner letting you send download links to others via email, transfer content straight from your own mobile device and much more. The pro subscription enables around 4GB of single file uploads for $8.99 per month, while the pro plus option packs in a 10GB up-link limit for $19.99 a month. Both plans have unlimited lifetime storage. Free accounts will have a way to transfer a file of 300MB max through the website and native apps.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox may be summarized in one line – File sharing made simple. Here, you’ll be able to conveniently upload content from a PC or mobile device and access it from almost anywhere. Where uploading files is worried, the service features a 300MB limit when transferring content through the website, while the desktop and mobile applications haven’t any size caps for up-linking content. And with the standalone apps, you can also be able to quickly manage your files. The free account provides 2GB of storage that may go around 18GB as a whole through method of referrals. The pro subscription starts at 100GB up till 500GB for an original cost of $9.99 per month, while the business specific teams option tags along 1TB for 5 users with admin tools and centralized billing.

  1. Box

Besides being an appropriate file sharing service, Box’s capability of integrating with various business applications like, NetSuite, Microsoft Office, Google Docs and more, helps it be a practical selection amongst the web sites similar to YouSendIt. Where uploading content is worried, you’ll have choices of 3 subscriptions namely personal, business and enterprise. The very first selection is just a free account that proffers around 50GB of storage and an overall total upload limit of 1GB per file. For $15 per month, you can take the second option which tags along 500GB of space, 2GB uploads and a 500 user limit. This also comes in a 14-day trial. Lastly, the enterprise plan will give you unlimited cloud storage and user access, however your uploads will undoubtedly be limited by 5GB per file. You’ll really need to get touching the organization for price details with this option.

  1. 4Shared

4Shared has existed from quite a while now and the service has improved to a great extent. You’ll basically need certainly to register with the website to utilize its features, even if you’re deciding on free usage. A number of the key highlights you’ll have use of depending on the plan you select include the capacity to resume interrupted transfers, take advantage of download accelerators and share files with social support systems in addition to through method of a QR code. The internet site also offers ads-free transfers and allows you to manage files through capabilities like copy, move, delete and rename. The premium subscription starts at $9.95 per month with 100GB of storage and a 5GB upload limit.

  1. ADrive

ADrive’s diverse options which cater to specific needs are basically what put it on our sites like YouSendIt catalog. The company is offering its services in 3 packages, namely personal, business and enterprise. The very first one will come in basic and premium selections. The former provides 50GB of free storage, while the latter renders over 10TB of space for $6.95 a month. Business users must shell out $16 every 30 days for a corporate account which provides 100GB to unlimited cloud storage, while enterprise plans haven’t been disclosed out. However, you can expect it to offer private cloud storage and backup in addition to volume accounts. File uploads listed below are limited by 16GB.

  1. File Dropper

Last on today’s compilation is a simple, yet reliable service which passes the name File Dropper. The key goal behind this service is to really make the entire process of sharing files a whole lot simpler. All you’ve got to complete is upload your file from the main website after which it, you will end up given a personal url to distribute the information amongst others. The maximum size limit on each upload is defined at 5GB which is very good for a totally free service. If your files aren’t downloaded once in 30 days, the organization will remove them, however you may choose reduced account where uploads are never deleted. For $10 each month, the greatest subscription offers 250GB file uploads.

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