Top Alternatives To TinyURL

A TinyURL alternative can allow you to shorten your long web addresses with ease. All you’ve got to do is follow the straightforward instructions provided on the website and within no time, you’ll be the proud owner of the shortened version of one’s extended address. This seems to be an effective way to preserve URLs so that they never expire as well as break while sending the same to friends, family and colleagues via email postings.

7 TinyURL Alternatives


It’s time to ‘compress that address,’ whilst the developer of this kind of mention reveals. The website has the ability to slice and dice your long web address and even lets you choose out your very own shortened address rather than the company randomly forming one for you. Once your freshly backed link is from the virtual oven, then you’re able to splash it across your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter along with send it through SMS or email.


We’ve forever considered the Google service with the hope that it would provide answers to all our questions and even display apt results for many our search queries. It’s even come in handy for showing us locations and routes to different destinations. Well, here’s yet another reason to search for this Mountain View-based company. Google fans need not look elsewhere as it also proffers a URL shortener which displays real-time click analytics for days gone by 2 hours, weeks, days and months. What’s more, this site like TinyURL shows off all your shortening activities directly on the homepage itself.

  1. bitly

Launched in 2008, this interesting gem enables you to do far more with your web address than give it the slice and dice treatment. What else can this 1 possibly do? Well, it can gather up similar links and pack them within a particular theme which can be either private or public. It even enables you to ‘count your clicks,’ along with explain to you how famous your link is becoming with the audience at large. Whilst the developer suggests, you’ll be able to exploit the one-stop sharing facility that allows you to distribute your virtual address via email, Facebook and Twitter. What’s more, you can even espy dedicated mobile and browser extensions of the service.


This entrant inside our services much like TinyURL array from Mister Wong calls all you tech enthusiasts to shorten your web address so you can share the web link with family members via Facebook, Twitter, IM and email without breaking a sweat. Through this 1, you can produce a custom link and even register making use of your Twitter account. Once you register with this amazing site, you’ll be able to absorb detailed real-time statistics pertaining to your links’online activities. There’s a bookmarklet you are able to avail of which sits snuggly in your browser’s Bookmarks Toolbar section so you can produce short versions of one’s links more quickly.


Have you been sick of sharing long URL’s to your friends? quips the maker responsible with this interesting inclusion. Well, in the event that you agree then this 1 is fashioned only for you. Simply enter your lengthy web address in to the empty field present on the site’s homepage and in turn, you’ll receive a brief and unique link that can be easily shared with others through social networking sites. You may also play your custom name in the event that you wish.


Here’s another site like TinyURL that has the ability to not merely churn out a shortened version of one’s link but in addition track visits and permit you to share files and folders with pals situated throughout the globe. Furthermore, there’s an on the web application that displays the contacts you follow along with starts to follow new individuals. And the list doesn’t just end there. The internet site further has the ability to read tweets from your timeline, update your profile and post tweets for you.

  1. doiop

Long and complicated web addresses are now able to be a thing of days gone by, as a result of URL shorteners such as this fine delight. What’s more, it even lets you select your own keywords so that you’ll be able to remember it easily if you have to pass it onto others. And as revealed earlier, these newly formed links will never expire nor break while sending them across via mail.

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