Top Alternatives to Microsoft Publisher for Mac

Microsoft Publisher allows users to produce documents such as newsletters, flyers, and brochures using the tool’s page layout and design features. The interface is not too complicated and even inexperienced users can simply get acquainted with the functionality and the options supported by the application. Microsoft Publisher is fantastic for each and every day use and proper who desires great results without investing in a professional solution. Although Microsoft Publisher is just available for Windows, it’s possible to open Publisher files (.pub) on Mac using additional tools like LibreOffice, or converting the file utilizing a third-party app. Still, in order to have the ability to enjoy the exact same functionality and have the ability to create similar documents on Mac, an alternative ought to be considered. Here are the best ones available.


Pages are part of Apple’s iWork suite, which is similar to Microsoft Office. Pages let you create amazing documents in just a couple of steps and it provides all the features needed to have professional results. You can get started with a default template or use the collection of styles, fonts, and tools to produce your own personal design. You can include images, charts, videos and other content to boost your document. It is also possible to add comments and more. Because of the iCloud integration, it’s possible to keep your documents up to date across all of your devices. There is also real-time collaboration for teams.

iStudio Publisher

iStudio Publisher stands apart for the simplicity of use and even although you have not used page layout and desktop publishing applications, you will be able to have impressive results as a result of the detailed tutorials available. With iStudio Publisher, you can create invitations, menus, posters, greeting cards, brochures, newsletter and much more. You can choose a template from the library, or create your own personal design on a bare page of the size you prefer. The tool also offers advanced features that cater to the wants of professional users. Options such as text along the path, two-page spread editing and drag and drop are supported. iStudio Publisher can be obtained for $17.99.


Lucidpress is really a fantastic solution for Mac users who would like to design brochures, magazines, posters, newsletters and other communication and marketing materials. It lets you create visually pleased with top quality and ease. There is a totally free version available which allows one user to produce documents with up to 3 pages and it supports 25 MB of storage. To be able to have more features and flexibility to produce documents, you are able to upgrade from $5.95 per month. You can find plans available for different needs and you get access to amazing templates and customization options.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is really a professional solution that allows you to create stylish layouts on Mac, or mobile devices. It’s a top application that gives all the necessary features to create, edit and publish eBooks, magazines, online documents and even printed books. You are able to design layouts fast and easily, and create footnotes and manage every the main process without hassle. The single app supports page design, layout, and desktop publishing and it costs $19.99 per month.


If you want open source software, consider Scribus, a full page layout solution that can be used on Mac and other platforms like Linux, Windows, Solaris, and FreeBSD. Scribus premiered in 2001 and it is becoming one of the finest open source programs available. Scribus is regularly updated and it’s supported by a residential area that’s committed to developing and improving the app. Scribus features a simple interface but it provides features that allow you to create professional documents. It includes options like CMYK colors, ICC color management, an extraordinary vector drawing tool and more.

Swift Publisher

Swift Publisher is another application that supports page layout and desktop publishing and it provides all the features needed to create booklets, magazines, calendars, flyers, posters, menus and other things you will need to market a company, keep people in your organization current with the newest news or even to invite friends and family to a party. It allows you to organize images, text, tables and other graphic elements without hassle. You are able to export files to PDF, JPEG, TIFF and more. You may get an individual license from $19.99 or a household pack for approximately 5 users.


LibreOffice is really a tool that is founded on OpenOffice. With this free solution, you are able to open and edit publisher files. However, it doesn’t permit you to export publish format. It’s limited in terms of functionality, however, it lets Mac users access and make changes to their .pub files. Just import the file into LibreOffice and you will be able to open it on Mac.

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