Top Alternatives To Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the extreme email applications that are used by everyone from his home users to worldwide companies. But although it stands out as the more popular email client, getting older come cheap! Email doesn’t just end with Outlook: based on your needs, other email clients could provide an ideal substitute. Here I will discuss the better free options to Microsoft Outlook.

Free Outlook Alternatives

Windows Mail

The features based upon that kind of Windows which you can use and all of them assimilate with Windows ‘People’ and ‘Calendar’ apps, offering you fast access to your contacts and appointments. The interface is sleek and simple to use across all versions, and adding a merchant account commonly be installed; just select the kind of account you could have and sign along with your email address and password. The negative thing is that older versions of Mail don’t support POP-based email accounts. At the moment, it’s not at all a widely used format (and if you just aren’t sure which account you could have, speak to your email provider) but all the same, it’s another numerous reason to upgrade to Windows 10.

eM Client

The interface is especially customisable; and even being in the position to rearrange numerous windows and panes to your liking, it’s also possible to select several unique themes – from the neat and modern look to some more traditional Outlook appearance. And in the event that’s isn’t, it’s also possible to download several third-party themes. Beyond its good looks, eM Client has every feature you’d want from an e-mail client. It supports all major email services, including Gmail, Exchange, iCloud and The job for importing your data and contacts is quick and painless, and it, in addition, features the best and powerful search function: appropriate for tracking down those elusive messages if you the inbox! Add integrated calendar and contacts managers, and there is a client that can perform being full Outlook replacement. The free version contains all pretty strong but subtle features, however, the key £29.95 Pro edition allows commercial use, more than two email accounts, and professional tech support – although also, there is community support without charge users, so beneath the thick be stuck for help.

Windows Live Mail

WLM is designed for most email accounts easily, and as well easily integrates with additional portions of the Windows Live package, along with the lines of Calendar, Photo Gallery because of this one. Windows Live Mail doesn’t include the Outlook features such as tagging that lets it down a short amount with respect to efficiency. You can also get no templates make use of, also it can be difficult export messages from the program simply because it uses some file format. That’s great for everybody who is exporting to a different instance of WLM but is not so competent for everybody who is moving over to another mail client. However, for everybody who is a rudimentary email client that creates quicks entry to your mail, then a few programs can beat Windows Live Mail.


It’s possible you have known Mozilla’s Firefox, the other web browser some people would rather Internet Explorer. Well, Firefox could be to Internet Explorer what Thunderbird could be to Outlook – another option email client specifically which is designed to replace Microsoft’s software. Thunderbird is a much more advanced email program than a lot of the others we’ve discussed and contained many features that even Outlook doesn’t support. Its advanced security and privacy options are appropriate for business email users or anyone particularly aware of their personal data. Anyone well-versed in Firefox knows the fantastic large range of add-ons and customisations, and Thunderbird isn’t a difference. There’s a retail store with a huge selection of free extensions that add extra themes and functions to customise the feel of the program.


Mailbird is definitely known email client which gets great reviews from users and industry experts alike. It’s designed to be as soon as possible, with its interface is simple and easy to use. Like Thunderbird, it likewise has an app store which will let you customise it to your liking. However, it’s in no way perfect. For some time, Mailbird couldn’t support POP-based email providers – even though this is now fixed in the hottest versions. The free version likewise has adverts, could simply are only displayed in reception menus bars in preference to link to your outgoing emails, so it’s not an excessive amount of a problem.


Inky is actually a relatively recent program but engineered to be been wonderfully received. We aren’t sure it’s possible with an email program for being truly beautiful – but Inky is definitely the best-looking email program we’ve seen. As well as is Inky attractive, it’s set with features. It supports both POP and IMAP accounts, can automatically create loads of different email providers and in many cases sync your settings from a PC to another one using an Inky username and password. It is additionally best for tough one users as within a lot of different filters to organize your emails. A number of these are perhaps somewhat overly specific – like Maps, which separates out any emails that have a relatively postal address within them – but filters are an effortless way of extirpation the junk and obtaining to the emails you need. One possible downside for business users, though, is going without shoes doesn’t support Exchange email accounts from the moment.


Webmail simply refers to a website you can use to access your emails. All email providers – whether it is your ISP, a totally free provider like Gmail as well as a privately hosted account – are going to have any webmail service you are able to use. The best good thing about webmail is going without shoes doesn’t require any special software; laptop computer goes to the correct website and signs in alongside email address contact information and password. This implies you have access to your email from any PC on the planet and you will definitely get the exact same service as if you’d logged in at home.

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