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ManyThings is a website that delivers a number of useful resources for students of English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as Foreign Language (EFL). Through the engaging and fun activities available on the site, students from all over the world will learn new vocabulary and will have the ability to improve their familiarity with the English language. Although is primarily aimed at people who are learning English, native English speakers also can benefit from the website. You will find no ads and most of the features are available for free. You can find videos, audio clips, games and more. is a superb platform to rehearse your English and to get knowledge but you will find other similar websites that enables you to improve your language skills and learn words that are used every day in casual conversations. This is a listing of useful websites that can help you to incorporate new words to your English vocabulary.

ESL Café

ESL cafe is a wonderful meeting point for ESL and EFL teachers and students from around the globe. You will find grammar lessons, quizzes, slang, pronunciation exercises and much more. The section for teachers includes ideas for engaging students, as well as job postings and forums. It is a superb place to get in touch with those who share your interest in learning and teaching English.


An excellent dictionary is important in regards to learning a new language. can help you to expand your vocabulary and to learn how to use words correctly in just a sentence. Aside from offering machine translation, the website also includes web search, quizzes and interesting information about English words and sentences.


Individuals who are learning English often realize that while they could acquire valuable basic knowledge in the classroom after they face real life and speak with native English speakers, things could possibly get a little more complicated. You might hear a word or a phrase that there is a constant heard before or that doesn’t seem to produce any sense. When that occurs, you are able to head to Urban Dictionary, a website which includes slang, terms which have become popular on social networking and anything else that you may not study from your English teacher.

Online Slang Dictionary

To be able to become really fluent and enjoy varied conversations, it is essential to get familiar with slang words and terms. For this reason, this site is another great option for those who are learning English. A new slang word is presented every day and you can also see a listing of typically the most popular slang words or the people that have been highlighted in previous days. You can see the meanings of the words and understand better how and when to use them.


Slang words and terms can result in plenty of confusion if that you do not really know what they mean. With the aid of SlangVocabulary you will have a way to understand made up words, web speak terms and slang. Their listing of terms and words is organized alphabetically and you can also browse categories in various countries. Users also can submit words and play crosswords for free.


YourDictionary targets offering simple definitions which can be easily understood and in addition, it features an extensive selection of resources and tools, that enables you to use words correctly and create better sentences. YourDictionary includes quotes, synonyms, sentence examples and much more.


The Internet has influenced language and there are numerous words that have been adjusted or created, predicated on services that individuals use online. SlangSite is a practical dictionary that contains slang, colloquialisms, made up words and web speak. Its database includes tens of thousands of words and phrases. You can also contribute by sending you the slang words that you’ve heard or your own ones.

Wiktionary is just a collaborative project that gives you access to an incredible number of words and definitions in English. You will find words from virtually any language translated into English. The website features a word of your day section as well as foreign word of your day, every day. This vast database allows you to find words easily and it will help you to understand how words in other languages may be described in English.


WordSpy enables you to learn new words and terms that be utilized in everyday conversations. However, it goes beyond that and includes technical vocabulary and scientific terminology. You’ll enrich your learning experience with the aid of the detailed explanations about each word and term that is listed on the website.


If you’re in a small business environment and feel confused by most of the jargon used, this site can help you to decipher most of the terms. The database includes slang words, expressions used in the corporate world and much more. It has a user-friendly interface and the words and terms are explained in a straightforward, fun way. Forget about the stress of feeling lost in a work meeting because you can’t understand what your colleagues are talking about. Visit Unsuck-it and find out.


DARE means Dictionary of American regional English targets words and terms used across different areas in the United States. The website offers an extensive database of slang words used in every state. While plenty of the information collected can be obtained free of charge, in order to obtain access to all the words and terms listed you should get a paid membership. It is just a useful site for folks interested in finding out more about different expressions used in the US.

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