6 Alternatives to Limewire

Hello Limewire music lovers! Limewire is an excellent website to download free music. But because of some issues, many people as if you are looking for the Free Music Download Sites like Limewire. This is why today we come up with some best Limewire Alternatives sites which enable you to download free music exactly like Limewire. So be with us, read the article from top to bottom to know about the very best free music downloading sites, and then browse in their mind, search and download all your preferred music files, and enjoy them according to your mode and time.

Today there are lots of best LimeWire alternatives are available, some are even a lot better than LimeWire with various interesting features and facilities. Here we have mentioned such best alternatives Limewire that may amaze you for sure.


  • File Sharing
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Easy to Use
  • Free for Everyone

Free Music Download Sites like Limewire

Here we choose the list of top LimeWire alternatives, These sites look and work almost similar to LimeWire and provide you with an almost similar experience. So, let’s go and check out.

Limewire Alternatives

1. iMusic

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2. eMusic

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3. Vuze BitTorrent Client

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4. Media Drug

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5. Miro

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6. FrostWire

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