Top Alternatives to Limewire

Hello Limewire music lovers! Limewire is an excellent website to download free music. But because of some issues, many people as if you are looking for the Free Music Download Sites like Limewire. This is why today we come up with some best Limewire Alternatives sites which enable you to download free music exactly like Limewire.

So be with us, read the article from top to bottom to know about the very best free music downloading sites and then browse in their mind, search and download all your preferred music files, and enjoy them according to your mode and time.

Today there are lots of best LimeWire alternatives are available, some are even a lot better than LimeWire with various interesting features and facilities. Here we have mentioned such best alternatives Limewire that may amaze you for sure.

Free Music Download Sites like Limewire

Here we choose the list of top LimeWire alternatives, There sites look and works almost similar like LimeWire and provides you with almost similar experience. So, let’s go and check out.


iMusic is one of the greatest download free sites like Limewire which supplies an enormous library of contents from all over the world including songs of all the famous artists like Selena Gomez, Enrique Iglesias, Pitt Bull, and other internationally famous artists. Along with music tracks, it gives curated radio option and playlists, popular bands, and history option to savor all your preferred songs online and to download them. Exactly like Limewire pirate edition, you should use this page pirate edition too.


eMusic is the greatest Limewire alternative 2018 for peer to peer sharing of music files. It provides the capacity to the user’s cloud storage to store & share a common music from various categories and genres. The best element of eMusic is so it upgrades its library on regular basis, hence all latest music from all over the world become available soon after their releases. It’s the best destination for music lovers who would like to stay associated with their collection because it allows the users to get into their music collection via desktop or their smartphones.

Vuze BitTorrent Client

From the name, you need to get an idea concerning the Vuze BitTorrent Client, and you are right, it’s a niche site provided for the users to download torrent files and could be categorized as one of the greatest torrents download sites. It provides the users the usage of Vuze torrent bundles, Media playback, integrated Metasearch for content discovery, usage of a plug-in library for customization options, Robust setting, handheld remote control via web or mobile music app, and lot more. Most of the features and facilities are available which are essential for easy and simple downloads, that’s why it’s categorized as one of the greatest free music download sites like Limewire.

Media Drug

The name is so right for your website because it gives many interesting features and facilities that are really going to help make the users addictive to it. It offers an integrated search selection for searching music files and to download the files just one click is enough. Download speed on this website is just awesome. A good thing about Media Drug is so it allows the users to download the files after hearing them. Isn’t it great? Wait… There is a lot to come. Besides these, users can enjoy full-featured playlists created by experts, Tab selection for the multi-task, etc. which supply the users to savor a common music on the go. This enables you to enjoy free music like Limewire pro.


One of the most beautiful, open source music and video players offering plenty of choices for daily life is Miro. A good thing about Miro is that you don’t need to create separate playlists or folders because of it, it can focus on your overall music or video library. It’s one the fastest BitTorrent downloader too.


Users can search common contents on its integrated search option, play the contents of integrated media player before downloading the files, download, store, and create playlists for different purposes, and lots more. you may also download the torrent files from the site.

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