Top Alternatives To iMovie

Need to get your on the job some decent iMovie alternatives for satisfying all of your video editing needs? Well, we’ve develop an inventory which will look after your tweaking requirements on various platforms. Although iMovie is restricted to only Apple devices such as the Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, our awesome choices are appropriate for either Windows or iOS gadgets. So no matter the tech, you’ll still be able to create works of art.

  1. Magix Movie Edit Pro 18

Bitten by the Spielberg bug or just itching to create a masterpiece like Peter Jackson? What about considering Magix Movie Edit Pro 18 for gratifying the movie maker in you? While version 18 proffers high-quality editing tools, support for several standard camcorders and 32 tracks for picture and sound, the Plus and Premium versions are brimming with all of this and more.

  1. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X has indeed managed to make it to the ultimate cut within our alternatives to iMovie array. Like iMovie, it’s a video editing software that emerges directly from the heart of the Cupertino-based company. As reveled by the organization, ‘it’s not just a different cut, it’s a whole new production.’

  1. iMotion HD

Desire to be at the director’s helm of the next big production? Well, simply ensure your iOS device is filled with the iMotion HD app. This software enables you to craft movies by employing the time-lapse and stop-motion methods. And all you need to perform the exact same is the iMotion HD application, your handy Apple gadget and a speck of creativity.

  1. Windows Live Movie Maker

Create and share your own personal movies via Windows Live Movie Maker. Now all of your precious photos and video memories stored in your PC or camera may be converted into one great epic movie, maybe even a trilogy. Move frames around at will, increase the speed or slow it down and even add a theme or some apt audio clips to your masterpiece.

  1. Corel VideoStudio Pro X5

Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 is noted to be an all-in-one video editor that forays into our software like iMovie roster bringing with it a number of great attributes that can be exploited by amateur and professional movie makers alike. It’s an amalgamation of advanced effects, interactive web video, creative editing and total disc authoring features, all rolled into one single package.

  1. Videolicious

Aiming to ‘make video creation even easier,’ is the latest Videolicious app that’s offered absolutely free for iDevices. It lets you combine all of your precious videos, music, photos and stories into one single blockbuster movie. Watch out for new cinematic filters which are also thrown into the virtual concoction.

  1. Adobe Premiere Elements 10

In line with the creators of Adobe Premiere Elements 10, this latest version of the video editing software ‘can help you turn milestone moments into memorable movies. Not merely does this Adobe product offer automated options, but additionally the capability to automatically boost color tone and vibrance. Your final cinematic results can also be copied to DVD discs and shared on Facebook and YouTube.

  1. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio enables you to create professional quality videos right away and even share the outcomes with loved ones. No requirement for any formal training of sorts. The program comes detailed with a set of user-friendly tools that let you endow your movies with a smooth, polished look.

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