Top Alternatives to Cable

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As Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable continue their merger, it is time to think away from the box. And as a result of options prior to now for anyone who would like to cut the cord.

Nationwide, you will find 100 million pay-TV homes, according to research firm IHS. But 7% of such homes need dropping their service or change to online video app instead, according to a newly released consumer service study by Digitalsmiths, a data firm.

Flow charts: Ditch cable nonetheless watch TV

If you’re ready to make the leap, here’s 5 choices to a cable that you will find best for your needs:

Alternatives to Cable TV

 Sling TV

Sling TV For anyone who is a sports fan and/or wants to enjoy live coverage of an event, Sling is an excellent option. The webs streaming service from Dish Network connects viewers to around 20 channels for $20 four weeks, including ESPN channels, TNT and TBS, which carry NBA and MLB games. The service recently added AMC towards lineup, to boot, to catch The Walking Dead. For $15, you can include HBO with your package.

 HBO Now

HBO Now Entertainment addicts perhaps have resisted the change to online streaming as they should not miss their best HBO shows. Together with the recent launch of HBO Now available through Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, those worries are gone as they will download the many network’s original contents. Yes, meaning you can watch Bet on Thrones, Girls, True Detective and more. Users may well build your free account watching programming on $14.99 per month.

Apple lands HBO streaming service being launch exclusive


Netflix If you are not committed to watching TV programs when they are broadcast and opt to just switch on television or binge watch a set and your leisure, Netflix ($8.99) is a right option for you. The streaming service has additionally delved into popular original programming, including Orange Will be New Black and House of Cards.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Comparable to Netflix, this service allows users to stream movies, cable TV shows, documentaries, even more, using devices. The service also allows unlimited photo storage, music, and the means to access Kindle books. Price: $99 a year.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus For $7.99 four weeks, customers can watch many top cables shows a day after they air. Plus, an enormous array of movies are for sale for viewing.

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