Top 5 Apps Like Robinhood – Best Investment Apps

Are you fed up with the Robinhood trading app because they halted the trading of “GameStop” stocks or because Google Play Store deleted thousands of negative reviews? Here is the list of five best similar trading apps for you to move all your stocks from Robinhood before it’s too late.    

Why Similar Apps to Robinhood?

All the apps in the list provide the same or better trading options than the Robinhood app. You can start investing in a new trading app to keep your investments secure while taking part in the revolt against all the bad guys of wall street. You came to the right place if you want to explore more commission-free investment apps like Robinhood.

Here are the Best Alternatives to Robinhood


Webull trading app provides traders with short term and long term investment products to trade in the international stock market according to their trading skill level. It is a zero-commission trading platform, and you don’t need to keep a minimum amount in your account to keep trading.

The Webull online investment app features trading courses and a demo trading account to test your strategy before implementing it in the real stock market. It keeps traders posted on the international stock market situation through real-time notifications to take all the necessary steps and secure their investment.


Developed and Presented in the market by TradeStation Technologies, TradeStation is one of the best available alternatives of the Robinhood app that offers a lot more investable classes than many similar trading apps like Robinhood, Webull, Moomoo, etc. It has two different trading platforms, TS GO and TS Select. TS GO is a more reliable mobile-only trading platform to trade at your fingertips. 

Traders can put their skills and trading experience to the test and deal in various investment products such as future funds, mutual funds, bonds, and various cryptocurrencies. The app allows you to learn from your mistakes and make the right decision when you buy or sell stocks.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade app makes you a confident online investor and stock trader by learning from professional stock traders’ experience to avoid all their mistakes and get some extra profit on your deals. You only need to pay a small amount of commission on selected products only, such as OTC stocks.

It is a similar trading app to Robinhood. Still, it comes up with online trading tools for various platforms such as desktop, web, and mobile to take on the international stock market without any restrictions on buying and selling stocks whatsoever. Inexperienced stock traders can access research papers and other trading-related study material to learn about how to use all the trading tools to their full extent.


Moomoo is a free investment platform for first-time and experienced investors to assist them in building their online trading strategies by getting real-time data about the stock market through various analytical tools. The official website features an option to download the OpenAPI on your computer and only get the features that matter the most to you. 

You can enjoy all the benefits of low-fees and zero percent commission trading right on your mobile phone. It features synchronization of all your trading data on a single cloud server to access it on various other platforms and trade according to your convenience. Traders can get trading ideas from other traders and put them to the test on a demo account.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is a Commission-free application for you to double up your money by buying or selling stocks without any prior knowledge of stock trading. You can deal in many commodities and cryptocurrencies without having to pay commission to any third party traders.

The app allows traders to buy and sell a large number of investment products at a much lower price to increase their chances of making some extra profit. You can trade at a much lower margin rate in your favorite asset from the list of all the available assets such as forex, options, futures, etc.

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