Top 6 Games Like Vigilante 8

It was not so long ago that party-political figureheads like Jack Thompson were struggling beside video games with vehicular violence. They feared that it would warp the perceptions of the eager young minds leaving them unable to function in the true world. Many titles debuted over time that could make for some undesirable situations if these were mimicked the truth is, namely individuals with characters behind the wheel. One of the early vehicular combat games was the outstanding Vigilante 8 for the PlayStation and N64.

Similar Games to Vigilante 8

Twisted Metal (2012)

It’s nearly impossible to mention vehicular manslaughter games like Vigilante 8 without Twisted Metal. The original released in 1995 and was the brainchild of God of War creator David Jaffe on the original PlayStation. Whenever you consider Twisted Metal, you’re most likely reminded of the game’s iconic clown branding. Needles Kane driving his ice cream truck from hell, Sweet Tooth, mowing down everything in his path. The series has been ongoing for 22 years.

Full Auto

The Xbox 360 had many memorable games at its initial launch in 2005. While Full Auto was initially designed to launch alongside other games like Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, and Call of Duty 2, Sega’s racing battle game didn’t reach the 360 until February of 2006. It did, however, bring with it a fascinating change of pace from the conventional racing game. Project Gotham Racing 3 had been making waves with its photo-realistic 3D vehicle models, however, it could be Full Auto which delivered 3D carnage on the freeway.

Mad Max

The iconic anti-hero Mad Max has featured in four films released over the decades, existence played by Mel Gibson, and now the one and only Tom Hardy. Originally supposed to release in 2014, the gaming Mad Max was delayed to coincide somewhat with the newest entry, Mad Max: Fury Road’s theatrical release. While it didn’t tie in with the amazing action film at all, it did bring the famed vehicular carnage from the film series to gaming consoles everywhere.

Cel Damage

Cel Damage is really a fast-paced vehicular combat game with a cartoony twist. Within the fictional game world, the characters of Cel Damage have featured characters in a broadcast on the most popular TV channel Toon TV. They constantly battle amongst one another for supremacy in vehicular combat and then be reborn if they die in a never-ending cartoony cycle of mayhem.

Jak X: Combat Racing

Starring in their very own series, Jak & Daxter, they created a trilogy of action platformers which took players from lush and green jungles to futuristic cityscapes. The series had seemingly done it all until it made a decision to put its extensive cast against one another in vehicular combat.

Next Car Game: Wreckfest

Next Car Game: Wreckfest is the newest game on this list and by far the most impressive technically. From the makers of the critical derby series FlatOut on PlayStation 2, Bugbear Entertainment split off to make their own distinctly owned IP.

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