Top 5 iOS Games for Boys

There are so many great games on the market on Apple’s App Store, especially if you are looking for iOS games for boys. Whether you’re a younger boy or a teenage boy, there are so many games that your boy may find enjoyable. We all know how stressful it could be if you should be searching for some excellent iOS games for boys, so that’s why we decided to share with you about a few of them. Listed here are five choices if you should be searching for great iOS games for boys.

Best iOS Games for Boys – 2017 List

Moonbeeps: Fireflies

As it pertains to the best iOS games for boys, we first have to share with you about Moonbeeps: Fireflies. This game will run you $3 but it is really a very fun game. The object of the game is to catch the fireflies and add the fireflies to your collection. This really is definitely something a young boy might have fun doing, and it is clearly never as easy because it sounds. Simply tap on the firefly to catch it. Sometimes they can escape though, which means you have to be quick. You will have to catch four different types of fireflies, which are different colors. You are able to tap your screen and the fireflies tap back, which can be pretty cool. There’s even music in this game making catching the fireflies even that much more pleasurable for your boys.

Angry Birds

We cannot speak about best iOS games for boys without mentioning Angry Birds. Whilst it does work that girls love this game too, boys seem to essentially find this game enjoyable. Angry Birds is really a free game on iOS where you merely need to slingshot the birds at the pigs. The pigs are usually in some kind of structure, so you’ll need to essentially destroy the structure to be able to kill the pigs.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is really a free game and it makes our set of best iOS games for boys. In this game, you’ll meet an alien named Om Nom. This alien just wants to eat some candy, which explains why he ventured down seriously to Earth. Your young boy will have to determine which ropes need cut for the candy in the future out. You have to figure out which bubbles you’ll need to pop through to be able to obtain the candy creature.


If your son in fact is into dinosaurs, then Dinorama could be one of the best iOS games for boys that one could download. This game is $3.99 on Apple’s App Store and is most beneficial for a child involving the ages of 7 to 12. You will basically have to generate your own zoo, with the goal of the zoo to be making money. Your boy will have a way to create the zoo, take care of the dinosaurs, and even add various attractions to the zoo. This really is part simulator so that your boy will have a lot of fun considering and reaching the many colored animals and dinosaurs in the game.

Art of Glow

Remember in the 90s once the Lite-Brite was a big success? Well, there is an iOS app that resembles Lite-Brite called Art of Glow. Art of Glow is one of the best iOS games for boys since it is similar to an electronic Lite-Brite. This can be a digital version of this game, and your son will have a fun time creating his own projects utilizing the various colors and different brushes as possible pick from in this game. When you have a younger son that’s into art, but you may not want to manage the mess of finger painting or other art supplies being throughout your floor, this is definitely worth the download.

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