Top 5 Games Like Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs can be an open world action game that is developed and published by Ubisoft. It was launched in 2014 and had decent reviews upon coming out. The game is placed in Chicago and follows a hacker who is hoping to get revenge after someone had killed his niece. Players get to roam around the city and either follow the storyline which was put in place or explore by themselves terms. The game is the next person point of view and players have access to a number of vehicles. The gimmick of the overall game is that the key character can hack into any electronic device in his radius allowing him to remove enemies in a unique way. The game centers around being able to hack into what you see, so the overall game has a unique feel to it.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 had just recently emerged, so I believed it would make an appropriate appearance for number five on our list. Rather than Chicago, the overall game is placed in the San Francisco Bay Area and follows another unique hacker by the name of Marcus Holloway. The surroundings that players will play in is more than double how big is the location that the initial game had to offer. There are a ton of unique options that players can decide when hacking into various electronics.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand theft Auto, and not merely necessarily the fifth one, is a great game that’s some similarities to Watch Dogs. Grand Theft Auto is an action game that is published by Rockstar Games. Set in a massive Southern California open world, Grand Theft Auto follows three main characters while they set about three different journeys that’ll eventually lead them together. GTA V comes with a huge open world filled up with violence, alcohol, robberies and more.


The Batman games are another great exemplary instance of a casino game that players somewhat similarly to Watch Dogs. In the Batman games, players seize control of the iconic superhero Batman and his quest to save lots of Gotham from what evils have entered. Batman supplies the main storyline that players can follow and a significantly open world. Players must happen to be certain places through quests before they could explore there, hence the somewhat open world.


Originally released in 2009, Infamous is really a game that is set by a young man who gets caught in an explosion and receives superpowers. Cole McGrath sets on an adventure with his new found powers to restore the good to New York. The game draws inspiration from lots of the Marvel comics and is shown how the key character progresses.

Deus Ex

Deux Ex is an action role-playing game brought for you by Ion Storm. This is a series that’s been noted for having stealth mechanics in a primary person shooter style game. The game is unique as the storyline differs from each game, however, the story can also be connected. All the games are occurring the exact same world, a world in which a dystopian dictatorship has taken place and it’s up to you to stop it from getting worse.

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