Top 5 Games Like Scribblenauts

Games like Scribblenauts can be rare. Published by 5th Cell, the engaging title in question is indeed a unique treat and truly one of a kind. The series however comprises of several versions which can be fashioned for a host of platforms. For instance, the overall game and its sequel Super were unleashed for the Nintendo DS while Remix was published for iOS and Android-powered devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play, respectively. Then there’s also a fourth gem called Unlimited that was unveiled late this past year for the PC, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems.

5 Games Like Scribblenauts

  1. Crayon Physics Deluxe

Now rather than typing out the names of the objects you want to see appear in your screen, this particular game allows you to draw those items you require by employing virtual crayons. And you never need to be some type of Picasso to create the objects you want. The 2D physics puzzle/sandbox gem allows you to solve complex problems by utilizing your artistic vision. What’s more, you can even customize fun stages with the built-in level editor which means that your pals can enjoy through your puzzles. There are more than 70 varied levels to test out.

  1. Drawn To Life

This entrant in our games similar to Scribblenauts roster is published by THQ and manufactured by 5th Cell, the same creative mind behind the title in the spotlight. During your stay here, you create your personal graphics by drawing playable characters, accessories and level objects. And since the delight is fashioned for the Nintendo DS system, you can sketch out your creations with assistance from the special stylus and console touchscreen. Additionally there are in-game drawing tools like stamps, brush types, guides and colors you should use for creating your virtual masterpieces.

  1. Snapshot

After throwing the focus lights on a couple of names that allowed you to unleash your dormant da Vinci, here’s the one that allows you to take photographs of a particular scene section, remove the same from its original place and position it anywhere over the in-game environment. Now the thing that’s transported combined with the snap can be rotated and pasted wherever you like.

  1. Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!

Here you’re called on to create your personal characters referred to as Formees which may be used in-game. Your digital masterpieces which can be plucked right out of your imagination can be anything, from cute bunnies to weird creatures. They are able to even possess cool powers like flying and swimming. And according to the brains behind this amalgamation, the more Formees you create, the more expensive your planet expands.

  1. Draw Play 2

This final contender in our games similar to Scribblenauts roundup can be played directly through your web browser. Your aim listed here is to draw different structures in order to help the in-game character reach the flag without touching the spikes. There’s also a level editor as well as hard and easy modes which boast of limited and unlimited method of getting ink, respectively. Draw smart formations with your mouse and move the figure with the arrow keys.

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