Top 5 Games Like Prison Architect

Prison Architect is really a game that can be obtained for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Linux and it’s super popular. In reality, many games like Prison Architect have now been released in recent years as a result of the success of the game. In Prison Architect, which really is a management and construction simulation game, you have to operate a prison and assume control of the buildings. This can be a top-down 2D game where you have to manage all the areas of the prison, including housing inmates, food, clothing, utilities, and staff.

5 Games like Prison Architect


Planetbase is one of the greatest games like Prison Architect out there. Planetbase is really a management game the same as Prison Architect. In this game, you have to attempt to get through the planets, which are difficult and have various challenges. Each planet has energy sources as well, such as for instance solar and wind. The planets all have hazards, and you just have your ship and a couple of humans and robots to start off the same.


It is another of the greatest games like Prison Architect here. In this game, you are controlling a civilization that’s made up of gnomes. This can be a management and simulation game, the same as Prison Architect. There is also a sandbox feel to the game as well. You’ve to craft, dig, and try to grow your settlement in this game. In addition, you can alter and customize things in the game like resources, map size, and depths of the resources. This can be a really fun management strategy game that requires you to concentrate mostly on resources. If you like the style and layout of Prison Architect you will cherish Gnomoria.

Kapi Hospital

If you are buying really fun management and simulation game, you ought to try Kapi Hospital. Kapi Hospital is among typically the most popular games like Prison Architect out there. In this game, you have to attempt to cure patients of various medical issues. You just have a small space to create your exam rooms, but then you will have the ability to expand as the game goes on. You may find patients are arriving with many medical problems, and you will need to drop these patients in the appropriate rooms to be able to have to be able to cure them. Needless to say, you will need to plan for probably the most severe critical situations to minimal important, and then try to make sure everyone lives. If you receive sufficient in this game, you may even add additional levels to your hospital, including an Intensive Care Unit.

Blueprint Tycoon

Blueprint Tycoon can be one of the greatest games like Prison Architect out there. This game is about you searching for materials and taking goods to be able to make buildings that you can sell for a profit. This can be a simulation game the same as Prison Architect and it takes you to create routines for the works who are allowed to be taking care of the houses. You’ve to make sure these workers have food and you will need to produce paths so that your workers get in one building to the next. There are certainly a large number of levels in this game and you may even make your personal blueprints to create even more levels of the game.

Big Pharma

Big Pharma can be a game like Prison Architect since this can be a simulation and business management game. There is also a puzzle aspect to the game and an ethical aspect to the game. In Big Pharma, your goal is to reside as who owns a pharmaceutical company, and you have over 30 challenges in this game. These challenges can get you from being fully a small company to an abundant company if you make the proper decisions.

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