Top 5 Games like Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is one of the greatest 2D racing games out there on iOS and Android. This game was initially published on iOS and Android in 2012 and went on to be downloaded over 100 million times in the first year. Hill Climb Racing is really a very fun game since you are able to drive cars on some really interesting and unique tracks. The main character is Newton Bill and he’s an Uphill racer. The main task is to become Newton Bill and then drive around in the physics-based environment. You are able to reach up to the moon and the stars, and your roach is to reach as high as you can while doing a huge amount of cool tricks.

5 Games Like Hill Climb Racing

Russian Car Driver

Russian Car Driver is really a game like Hill Climb Racing and it can be acquired for Android and Windows. That is basically a car driving game which includes racing and simulation. You have an arcade aspect of this game as well. There is both an action and physics-based part of the game. If you play Russian Car Driver then you definitely will notice how similar it is to Hill Climb Racing in terms of the racing and the fun you have.

Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings can be acquired for iOS and Android and is a good game like Hill Climb Racing. This game is really a physics-based game like Hill Climb Racing and in this game, you play a bird that has little wings. You tap the screen and the bird will fly, and every time you tap the bird gets higher in the air. The bird will come back down within the tops of the hills and then you definitely need to try to have the bird to cover a specific distance in order to get points.

Ski on Neon

Ski on Neon is definitely an iOS game like Hill Climb Racing that you really would enjoy. This game is also a physics-based game but is focused more on sports and similar kinds of athletic traits. In this game, you’re in a Neon World and you’ve to jump and land on the slopes in order to cover the distance. You will have a way to just tap the screen and then that is how the player jumps up. This game is a lot of object-based gameplay, but the mechanics and gameplay are very similar to Hill Climb Racing. This action and

Rails and Metal

Rails and Metal is really a game like Hill Climb Racing, and this game can be acquired for Android. That is also a physics-based driving game that resembles Hill Climb Racing, so if you want that form of the game you will like Rails and Metal. You will even love how there are various physics-based controls of the trains and a variety of locations. The complete goal of the game is to drive the train and then get the things to their locations. You will need to earn a huge amount of gold coins, that is also how this game resembles Hill Climb Racing. You will find 10 stations, many train carts, and also unique engines.

Dillo Hills 2

Dillo Hills 2 is similar to Hill Climb Racing and this can be a game that can be acquired on both iOS and Android. Dillo Hills 2 is really a physics-based game that allows to you play being an Armadillo. The goal of the game is to basically have the Armadillo to fly like a bird, even although the Armadillo does not need wings like a bird. You have to decrease the hills and then accelerate in order to fly over specific areas and gain distance. You have to go up into the air in order to complete various objectives. The gameplay in Dillo Hills 2 is very similar to Hill Climb Racing, and the environment is unique just like Hill Climb Racing. You might also need many levels just like Hill Climb Racing, and also many challenges that are pretty cool too.

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