Top 5 Games like Factorio

Factorio is one of the best factory building simulation released on multiple platforms. We are likely to be speaking about some of the greatest games like Factorio you can download at this time, but first, we are likely to tell you a bit about Factorio.

This can be a game that is both multiplayer and single-player, and it can be acquired for the PC. When it comes to what this game is, there will be many resource gathering and strategy involved in this game.

You literally can build any factory you would like in this game, and you then have to control the factory by maintaining the different areas of it. You will have to put in the right inputs if you intend to escape a good product. This can be a unique game as you can craft your machines and tools.

Best Games like Factorio – 2017 List


One of the greatest games like Factorio that you should try right now’s SpaceChem. That is one of the most similar games to Factorio out now, and it is a puzzle game that deals with programming.

You play while the reactor engineer, and you work for this company, which will be called SpaceChem. SpaceChem is a company that produces chemical synthesizer products for various people and colonies.


When it comes to games like Factorio, Gnomoria can be very similar regarding genre and style. That is more of a village-building and management game that is more in the sandbox category. You will soon be leading a group of gnomes that can be looking to start anew.

This game resembles Minecraft since it allows you to build anywhere you would like and move things from one place to another. You have to defend your gnomes from the enemies, develop your kingdom, and even attract nomads.


If we would like to speak about games like Factorio, then we’ve to talk about Planetbase. This can be a very similar game to Factorio because this can be a city-building survival game.

So instead of creating factories, you should build a colony on your own that is self-sufficient. In Planetbase, you have to begin a new settlement on a planet that you and a small grouping of space settlers finished upon.

Prison Architect

It is the best game, like Factorio. This can be a video game where you play as a warden of the unique prison. You have to build the jail and then maintain and manage the prison.

Everything you can think of that you should do or need for a prison, Prison Architect has. If you do not plan everything outright, the prisoners will riot, so there will be a lot of strategy and challenge to the game the same as Factorio.


Lastly, if we’re speaking about the most influential games like Factorio, we’ve to mention RimWorld. That is a development and management game where you have to build a space colony. That is one of the most significant construction simulation games on the market, and you may find that the premise and gameplay are very similar to Factorio.

There was a spacecraft that crashed, and three people survived. You now have to try to go on this alien planet and survive through harsh conditions. If you liked those areas of Factorio, you’d like RimWorld because it is very similar to the mechanics and needs of the people.

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