Top 5 Games Like Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is one of the greatest adult games out there. This game is really popular, people are searching for more games like Cards Against Humanity. In Cards Against Humanity, you have to lay out a card that is the funniest from the group for the sentence. Essentially, you start out with one card that reads a word and you then have to fill out the blank with a card that produces the sentence the most effective possible. The one who wins is the one who has got the funniest comebacks for the cards, so it is only a little subjective on who wins the game. The cards have a huge amount of different responses for them, with a lot of them being dirty and risqué and very R-rated.

5 Game Like Cards Against Humanity

Exploding Kittens

One of the very similar games like Cards Against Humanity that is out there is Exploding Kittens. There’s an NSFW version of the game, which means not safe for work, and this is actually the dirty explicit version that you want to play. Whether you like boobs or butts, you will get your fill out this game. Did we mention that kittens may also be involved with this game? This is basically Russian-Roulette kitten-style.

Draw What?!

If you are a supporter of drawing, you then will like Draw What?! This is one of the top games like Cards Against Humanity out there, and it can be an R-rated game for adults. The mentality that folks have because of this game could it be is a lot better the cruder you are. This is such as a Pictionary version of Cards Against Humanity if the overall game had an orgy with Candy Land. You will find over 375 words and phrases for sale in this game, and you have to draw these words or phrases on a blackboard.

Bad Campaign

The election might be over, but that does not mean you have to prevent thinking about campaigns and politics. Bad Campaign is one of the greatest games like Cards Against Humanity, mainly because it is filled up with outrageous entertainment and fun. You essentially will need to act like a candidate and then come up with various campaign slogans. Many of these slogans actually have come from political campaigns, while others are just dirty and completely hysterical. You’ll need to create a huge amount of statements and promises that you most likely cannot do so as to try to get elected. You’ve 450 crazy cards and over 90 fill-in-the-blank cards. If you like Cards Against Humanity and the dirtiness of the overall game, you will like Bad Campaign.

Awkward Turtle

If you are trying to find games like Cards Against Humanity, you actually will like Awkward Turtle. This is a game where those words which make you giggle like a middle school kid come into play. Certain words just set you off into a giggle fit since you contemplate it with your brain in the gutter, and that is the premise of the game. This game is adult-like much like Cards Against Humanity but also like Taboo. Arguments you will kill in Awkward Turtle such as “moist” that is a gross word overall, and all the other funny words like “penis” or “vagina.” It is more of a word game, so if you love word games you will like this game.

Slash: Romance without Boundaries

If you prefer games like Cards Against Humanity, you will like Slash Romance without Boundaries. This is a great game since it began as a Kickstarter and converted into a real hit within a short span of time. This game is much like Cards Against Humanity in terms of gameplay and concept. This content though in Slash: Romance without Boundaries is a lot geekier than Cards Against Humanity.

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