Top 5 Games Like 7 Days to Die

If you should be buying a great RPG, Sandbox style, survival and horror game to get involved with it’s likely you have decided to see 7 Days to Die. This is one of the greatest FPS horror-survival games in the genre, so much so that numerous other games like 7 Days to Die attended out in recent years. The open-world environment of 7 Days to Die is quite fun because you’re in the center of a war-torn area where you don’t have many approaches to survive or resources. Since you are one of many few survivors in 7 Days to Die, you have to figure out how to obtain food, medicine, water, and weapons to be able to continue surviving. You should look for shelter in this nuclear apocalypse as well. The hard part in 7 Days to Die is that there are some zombie-like creatures out there too since lots of the humans changed into a mutant. You’ve to shoot these mutant humans if you encounter them to be able to survive.

5 Games Like 7 Days to Die – 2017 List

Don’t Starve

First on our list of games like 7 Days to Die is Don’t Starve. This can be a survival and action-adventure game for various platforms. You’ve point-and-click combat in this game, and the premise of the overall game is to survive as long as you can. In terms of the survival elements, Don’t Starve is very similar to 7 Days to Die.


We’d be amiss when we talked about games like 7 Days to Die and didn’t mention Darkwood. Darkwood is really a horror and survival game that has a ton of action and adventure inside it along with open-world gameplay. It is similar to 7 Days to Die as compare to genre, mechanics and overall gameplay. In this RPG you basically have to try to determine why you’re left in this environment without the help. You’ll need to scavenge for items such as for example shelter, weapons, water, and food.

Dying Light

Dying Light is another choice if you are searching for games like 7 Days to Die, and this really is an open-world RPG mixed with horror and survival elements. This game puts you as the type of an undercover agent and you have to infiltrate a city. You can find Zombies in Dying Light exactly like there are in 7 Days to Die, so it is similar in terms of gameplay and premise.

Age of Survival

Age of Survival can also be one of the greatest games like 7 Days to Die out there right now. This is an action-adventure game with horror and survival aspects to it as well. There are also some aspects of crafting in Age of Survival. This simulation game starts off with you stranded in an area off the African coast. You’ll need to survive in this region where you have a ton of hazards in your paths, such as for example wild animals like lions and elephants. You’ve to explore the entire world, build your personal structures, and find food and weapons and other things that will assist you to survive.


Lastly, we cannot speak about games like 7 Days to Die without speaking frankly about DayZ. This is an open-world horror and survival video game that is also a next and first-person shooter. Dayz is really a multiplayer game where you play in a fake city in Russia and there is a plague outbreak of some unknown variety. You will notice that 50% of the populace ends up turning into Zombies, so the theme and premise of DayZ are very similar to that of 7 Days to Die.

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