Top 5 Games Like 2048

When you have never heard about 2048 before, it is really a very fun puzzle and action game that can be obtained on both iOS and Android. 2048 has become so popular in recent times that lots of games like 2048 have been developed for both iOS and Android to compete. 2048 is really a game that allows you to move tiles and add tiles to the puzzle in order to have the sum to 2048. You begin with a zero score and from there; you get points for combining the tiles. If you can 2048 then you win the game. When you have the whole board chock-full and you still cannot get to 2048, you will lose a life and the overall game so you need to play again. In 2048, you’ve three different game modes including normal, easy, and hard. There’s a pretty cool storyline in this game and the graphics are very cool.


One of the finest games like 2048 out today on Android and iOS is Betract. This can be a puzzle game where you’ve to add up the numbers to create even bigger numbers. You have to try to steer clear of the subtraction in this game since the subtraction may cause you to reduce a life and that game will en


Threes is one of the finest games like 2048 on the market today for both iOS and Android. Threes is another puzzle game where you’ve to fit the numbers. You can slide the tiles and swipe the tiles, which will be all done on a four-by-four grid layout. You can make threes by either multiplying or adding. You will love the gameplay in Threes because it’s much like 2048, and the overall game is virtually identical visually as well. This really is this type of fun game that is both addictive and entertaining.


If you’re trying to find games like 2048 then we wanted to tell you about 243. 243 can be obtained on both iOS and Android and is another puzzle game that is about numbered tiles. It has both visual and gameplay similarities between the game of 2048 and 243. In this game, you’ve to mix exactly the same tile numbers and then move them before you make the 243 tile visible on the screen.

2×2: Train Your Brain

It is one of the best games like 2048 created for both iOS and Android. They’re math puzzles where you’ll need to create whatever number the overall game level asks for. The gameplay and graphics are much like 2048, when you liked that then you will love 2×2:Train Your Brain.


Lastly, we cannot speak about games like 2048 and not include the overall game 1024, which can be obtained on both iOS and Android. This really is basically a swiping game where you’ve to fit the tiles and combine them such that it all adds as much as 1024. You will win the overall game and move to the next level if you can 1024. 1024 is nearly the same as 2048 in it is very fun and challenging, and it requires strategy.  You are going to be entertained all day with this particular game and you will also find the gameplay and mechanics much like 2048.

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