Top 5 Emulators for Android

If you are into gaming, you might be enthusiastic about emulators for Android. Emulators are great since they enable you to play some of your chosen video games from years gone by without the actual gaming console. Using emulators on your Android device provides you with the freedom to play various games for various gaming platforms, all from the comfort of your Android. The most effective part about these emulators for Android is they are available through Google Play Store, meaning you don’t need certainly to concern yourself with malware since they are legit.



We are first going to speak about ClassicBoy, which will be one of many top emulators for Android out right now. This app is both free and also readily available for $3.99 if you want to purchase the extras. There are certainly a ton of games which are emulated in ClassicBoy, and it supports a lot of different gaming systems and platforms. Whether you want Sega Genesis, PS1, SNES, GameBoy Advanced, GameBoy Color or NES, you are able to seriously find just about anything with ClassicBoy.


This app is only $3.99 and is totally a SNES emulator. That is one of many top SNES emulators on the market for Android and there have been plenty of upgrades and changes to the emulator through the years. The overall game support for SuperRetro16 is pretty impressive, like the harder games like Super Mario RPG.


One unique emulator, we are going to speak about is C64, which will be one of many top emulators for Android if you prefer the Commodore64. That is a very good emulator and there are a ton of formats which are supported with C64. There are certainly a large amount of old classic games you are able to run with this emulator, although it might get you a while to master the controls and functions since this app is definitely unique.


On our list of best emulators for Android, we’ve to add PPSSPP. This app will cost you $5.99 and this app has been updated to enhance the functionality and interface over the years. The compatibility with various games is decent on PPSSPP, and if Sony PSP can be your thing then this certainly is the emulator for you. PPSSPP can also be great because there are plenty of features and options in this app readily available for you. Sometimes games will run only a little slow with PPSSPP, although most games run very well with this app.


Lastly, on our list of emulators for Android is RetroArch. This emulator is free and this really is one of the most popular emulators for Android out there. There are certainly a ton of systems that RetroArch supports, which means you can play a lot of games from various systems like SNES, NES and more. RetroArch is an open-source app and it does not have any advertisements in it. The fact that RetroArch does not have any advertisements inside is merely one reason to give it a decision to try and may be the main reason to use this emulator over a number of the other ones out there.

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