Top 5 Apps Optimized For iOS 9


iOS 9.1 premiered a week ago, and with that individuals also were made conscious of a recent survey that showed over half iOS users have upgraded to iOS 9, which is a quicker adoption than Android or iOS 8 from last year. While iPod Touch 5G also got the update, plenty of the newer features such as for instance picture-in-picture mode only will soon be on the iPad and others on the newest iPhone, but generally, any iOS 9 device will at the least get a few of the new features included.


If you are a person who likes watching and streaming on the go, now could be the right time to download Hulu to your iOS device. When you have an iPad then you can certainly make the most of the newest picture-in-picture feature, that is where you are able to watch your chosen show which is at one part of the screen, and then also browse your email or check sports updates through the browser at the same time.


If you are looking for a clipboard app to make use of on iOS 9, then you should consider downloading Clips, that is designed specifically for copying and pasting content. The brand new features made for the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPad are making this an even more handy app to possess around. When you already could utilize the widget to copy GIFs, quotes, content, and links, and then paste them into another app, it’s simple to try this with the two apps side-by-side as a result of the newest multitasking features of iOS 9.


If you are not already on Dropbox, now is the perfect time to download the app because iOS 9 allows you to obtain additional through the Cloud storage by giving you use of Spotlight Search. Spotlight Search lets you just swipe left if you are on the home screen, and you are able to search for files which are marked offline or files which were recently used. There is also Force Touch technology for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus users, which means that if you press down on the app, it provides up to a selection that lets you access your files, sort through Dropbox, and even upload your images to the site.


Among the biggest features of iOS 9 is the ability to now block ads and other content, and 1Blocker is truly the best on the market because it gives you complete control over that which you see when you are online. Apple has given the green light for developers to now build within an ad-blocking and tracking extension that can be used when someone is using Safari, that is new for Apple and is huge for iOS 9. If you are using 1Blocker, you will decrease total downloaded data by 50 percent, while also blocking other content you may not want. You can find over 7.000 preinstalled blockers in 1Blocker, which blocks comments, tracking scripts, advertisements, widgets, and a great many other issues that you probably don’t want to see if you are attempting to browse a website. To make use of this app you simply get into “Settings” and then hit “Safari” and then click “Content blockers” which activates 1Blocker after you download it.


If you are into social networking, Twitterrific is a superb app for both iPad and iPhone, and it was created to allow you easier use of your direct messages and mentions from your timeline. You also can customize images and fonts, switch accounts, and also use animated GIFs along with multiple images. You can also now use Quick Reply to answer your Tweets and messages, and additionally, it supports the newest split-screen and slide-over features which are available for the iPad.

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