Top 5 Apps Like Spotify

Spotify is the most used music streaming service on the market in 2017, however, some people don’t like the fact that features are limited if you don’t choose the subscription. Spotify lets you tune in to a lot of internet radio stations based from anywhere in the world. You also can choose to hear music and artists that interest you and create your own personal music playlist. You may be wondering though what some Spotify alternatives might be.


We’ve to add inside our listing of best Spotify alternatives. works a lot like Spotify as it basically lets you tune in to music online and from dozens of streaming radio stations. You can choose artists that you like and then the will build an automatic list for you based on your own music preferences.

Pandora Radio


Pandora is one of the greatest Spotify alternatives on the market, and this app can be obtained on iOS and Android. Pandora does not provide customization for sale in other music streaming apps, however, it has themed stations you can listen to. The only real downside here is you simply can skip a specific amount of songs per hour. You can pay the $4 each month to get the ad-free version if you prefer.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music can be obtained for Android users and it is a great music streaming option if you’re looking for a Spotify alternative. You will need to subscribe to the $10 each month subscription if you prefer complete access to the songs. The free version enables you to store the music you have, and it goes up to 50,000 songs. You can basically purchase music through Google Play and then tune in to it using Google Play Music.


iHeartRadio is among the most used music streaming services on iOS and Android. iHeartRadio is a lot like Spotify and offers you the capacity to listen to call the home radio or build a custom playlist based on your own likes and dislikes. The downside is that you cannot skip songs or music if it is life. You do not have to cover anything to hear everything on iHeartRadio, and you have complete access to the full library of music. iHeartRadio is one of the greatest Spotify alternatives on the market, and there’s such a huge choice of music you will spend hours listening to your favorite tunes.


If you should be looking for a free option to Spotify, you should have a look at Jango Radio. Jango Radio is a music streaming service on both iOS and Android. Unlike with Pandora, you can skip as many songs as you would like without any limitations. You can choose artists that you like and music will soon be played which can be similar to that artist. You might also need a thumbs up button and thumbs down button. The thumbs up button means you would like that song played more often, with the thumbs down being music you do not want to know anymore. You can rate the songs to find out how often they are played.

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