Top 5 Alternatives to Hiya

    Hiya app comes up with all the necessary features to track a phone number and tell you about the location and the name of the caller during the call. It doesn’t show annoying ads so you can save some extra data and battery percentage to use it and accomplish more important tasks. You can remove a phone number from the block list. The app features similar tracking options to Truecaller but you don’t have to make any in-app purchases to block phone calls from unknown numbers.

    You can receive notification alerts about phone numbers of scammers or select the option to add them to the block list.


    • Safe and Legit call blocking
    • Manage phone numbers
    • Shows complete details about each caller
    • Report spam messages and calls

    Alternatives to Hiya

    1. Truecaller

    Are you tired of scam callers and looking for a Caller ID app to get rid of them once and for all? If yes then the truecaller app can do this for you by automatically blocking all calls from unwanted phone numbers to protect you from scams and frauds. The spam list contains millions of phone numbers and

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    • 2. Whoscall

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      Whoscall app provides better caller ID services than the Truecaller app which makes it one of the best available alternatives of Truecaller. You can connect your phone with an active internet connection and download the complete database of callers to view information about a number while being offline.The app also features advanced call blocking filters to automatically

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      • 3. Showcaller

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        Showcaller is an alternative to the Truecaller app that allows you to get the true identity of an unknown caller before you pick up the call to save your data from various privacy threats. You can type a phone number on the built-in dialer to search for more details from the phonebook.The app is battery friendly and

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        • 4. CallApp

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          The app keeps you safe from getting scammed by showing information about each caller right on the call screen so you can deal with the call accordingly. You can sort the list of phone numbers in your phone book in ascending or descending order to view favorite numbers at the top. The app contains features similar to

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          • 5. Mr. Number

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            Mr. Number features the list of predefined filters and conditions to automatically block phone calls from suspicious and blocked numbers. The app is an alternative to Truecaller but comes up with international blocking filters to block calls from all the international numbers.You only need to select filters from the available choices and the app does all the

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