Top 2D Games for PC

Why are 2D games called like that? Well, 2D implies that everything in the overall game is 2D, and your movement is restricted to 2 dimensions; you are able to either go horizontal or vertical. These games were popular in the mid-90s, whilst the graphical capabilities of the computers weren’t that great. However, the developers are still working on these games, and we have a bunch of great-looking 2D games, which are not only great-looking but satisfying to play and challenging at the same time.

  1. Cuphead

Cuphead has become the best 2D game you can play right now, and it’s one of many rare 2D games that have been perfectly praised and even received 10/10 from some reviewers. Cuphead is just a nerve-wracking, explosive and fast-paced run-and-gun game that draws the inspiration from the 1930 cartoons.

You’re a Cuphead, who has the power to shoot from his finger, and you’ll run and gun enemies, and bosses that will make do their utmost to ruin your lifetime, and take significantly more than twenty tries to beat them. If you want, you can play it with your friends in two-player mode, but the overall game remains very hard. So, if you like a fast-paced gameplay, cartoonish graphics, and great shooting mechanics along with platformer elements, then Cuphead is for you. Just please don’t blame me in the event that you break your keyboard while playing Cuphead.

  1. Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja is focused on that stealth and utilizing the environment. Sure, you are able to fight, but who will win, a person with melee weapons or the one with a rifle? Also, there are several great action sequences and something similar to quick-time events, especially near the conclusion of the overall game, what your location is trapped in catacombs, and need certainly to evade traps, soldiers and cameras to complete the level. The game is very difficult to beat, and it’s just for 2D lovers.

  1. Limbo

Limbo is both a great and terrifying experience. You’re in the position of an unnamed boy who is in search of his sister, in this black and white, misanthropic, and melancholic world, that will educate you on what the true darkness is.

Here, you’ll be introduced to a great puzzle and platformer elements, as you navigate through the levels and escape the enemies, like that disgusting, terrifying and spooky spider that scared the hell out of me when I played it. It won’t impress you using its high-detailed graphics, but I’m sure you’ll like the entire feeling and atmosphere in this game, that will haunt you for months after you play it.

  1. Terraria

Terraria features similar graphics to the legendary Super Mario series, but it is a different game from that. Here, you’ll need you may anticipate a solid adventure game, with some action sequences. The planet is procedurally generated, meaning that you’ll encounter a different group of enemies and obstacles each time you die, or turn the overall game off and then play it again.

Aside from great combat, in Terraria, you are able to craft, and defeat bosses in a few aspects of the overall game, attracting the NPCs to shield that area after you’ve beaten the boss. Terraria is significantly more than a simple 2D game for PC; it’s a great way to possess fun, and I’m sure you’ll play it a great deal in the event that you try it.

  1. Braid

In this game, you’ll try to rescue a princess from a beast, but watch for a second… that sounds familiar to you? I’m sure that sounds familiar if you’ve played Super Mario, but here, I’m talking about Braid, which really is a great 2D game.

Unlike Mario, Braid isn’t a motion game, and it requires a different method of puzzle solving. Here, you will need to resolve various jigsaw puzzles in order to proceed, and you’ll accomplish that by collecting the pieces first and then assemble it. With the game’s great artwork and graphics, Braid quickly became one of typically the most popular 2D games, which you’ll love the second you start playing it.

  1. Undertale

Undertale is just a game that will always be in your memory for a very long time after you finish it and IF you finish it because it’s very difficult to beat. The game can also be a strong RPG contender, as you still have to engage in conversations, loot, and make important decisions that will affect the flow and the conclusion of the game.

The ending is satisfying, and in the event that you played like me (won’t spoil you anything), you’ll fight against Flowey ultimately, which can make you sweat and get nervous. It’s so damn hard to beat, but terrifying at the same time!

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