Top 10 Preschool Apps For iPhone

The best preschool apps for iPhone have been chalked out for anyone adorable little kids out there. Our selection comprises of 10 app options that cater to toddlers who tug at their parent’s leg, asking them to truly have a go at the Apple handset. There is a sea of applications strewn across iTunes that offer educational content for this specific segment. And we’ve swam that vast expanse only to emerge with the cream of the crop. Take a look.

10 Best Preschool Apps For iPhone

  1. Preschool Adventure

We start our list with the mention of Preschool Adventure, which brings forth a treasure chest of educational activities. You can find 18 captivating in-game titles to take advantage of. Let your kid’s imagination run wild with Make A Martian, explore the rhythm and beats of music with a animated aquarium as well as play an electronic piano.

  1. Animal Fun

In line with the creators of the Animal Fun app, little kids can learn all about your pet kingdom. There are many than 50 animals present within the application. Children will have the ability to know your pet sound files, the names of each creature and even your pet spellings. You are able to choose your default sound once the critter is presented onscreen. This software lets little ones see the various animals and simultaneously listen to the sounds that each of them make. They’ll surely be entertained while learning more about the various living beings scattered all throughout the globe.

  1. Super Why!

The Super Why! App comprises of 4 interactive literacy games that enable children to play with Wonder Red, Alpha Pig, Princess Presto and Super Why. These characters plucked right out from the TV series will aid your youngster in reading, spelling, writing, rhyming and learning the alphabet. This inclusion within our preschool apps for iPhone lineup also offers virtual stickers for decorating a special sticker book.

  1. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

For just under a dollar, you’ll have the ability to get your on the job the Monkey Preschool Lunchbox app that will be filled with more than half a dozen exciting games fashioned just for preschoolers aged between 2 and 5. Watch whilst the cute furry creatures get you through all the entrants that cover various topics like counting, letters, matching, shapes, colors, sizes and differences.

  1. Park Math

Who said anything about math, counting and numbers being boring? Allow lovable critters in Park Math explain to you how to include, subtract and sort, the fun way. The app handles early math concepts and is ideal for kids aged 1 to 6. Dive directly into apple tree subtraction, picnic counting, sandbox patterns, bench sorting and seesaw greater than/less than.

  1. Kids Song Machine

An enjoyable musical application also finds its way into our preschool apps for iPhone in the proper execution of Kids Song Machine. The application is crafted to keep the youngest person in your family entertained either while away from home or at home.

  1. Shapes Toddler Preschool

By employing flashcards, puzzles, games and quizzes, the developer of Shapes Toddler Preschool aims to provide a safe haven for children to master about various shapes and objects. You can find different categories to choose from namely, shapes, numbers, colors and letters along with a load of fun items. The applying is further drenched in captivating music and colorful high resolution artwork. It’s fully voiced over in French, English and Spanish. And it could be acquired totally free of cost.

  1. iWriteWords

The iWriteWords app is here now to teach your tiny tot handwriting in a fun and simple fashion. All kids want to do is aid Mr.Crab in gathering the numbered balls by utilizing just their fingers. While they’re indulging in this enjoyable activity, they are also simultaneously drawing the intended letter.

  1. Eric Carle’s My Very First App

This next gem within our preschool apps for iPhone roster may well be your little angel’s first app. You can find 3 gameplay levels available here namely, Easy for a long time 1-3, Medium for a long time 2 and up and Hard for a long time 3 and up. Furthermore, each stage in Eric Carle’s My Very First App boasts of increasing difficulties, meaning that the application form involved can be utilized through your child’s early learning years. Kids can touch to know and swipe to fit in this fully interactive app. It even contains 6 new translation and narration languages namely, German, Spanish, English, Japanese, Dutch and French.

  1. WeetWoo! Kid Videos

Trying to find online videos which are safe for your young ones to watch? Well, allow the WeetWoo! Kid Videos app explain to you an array of parent-screened videos which are stacked neatly in age-appropriate playlists. What’s more, all content bits featured listed below are hosted on YouTube. There are plenty of fun shows to avail of like Arthur, Scooby Doo, Suite Life and Spiderman. You’ll also have the ability to find videos that talk about places, animals, people and music that’ll certainly broaden your child’s horizons.

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