Top 10 Point-and-Click Adventure Games for Android

Point-and-Click adventure is a sub-genre of graphic adventure genre where you uses your mouse to communicate with the environment, solving-puzzles and have a good conversation with quirky characters. Point-and-click adventure games on Android are hard to find, but those who can be found will remind you of classic graphic adventure games you’ve played on your computer. Want to know more about them? Scroll down:

  1. Yesterday

Yesterday is an excellent murder mystery title. The game’s mature storyline presents a deeper side of New York City. A series of murders rocks the city and it’s up to you to look for the killer. You play the role of three characters, including a mysterious amnesic patient, who unnecessarily gets dragged into this mess.

  1. Fester Mudd

Fester Mudd will takes you of the good old SCUMM games like Maniac Mansion. The game’s pixilated visuals and object design model could have adventure gamers feeling nostalgic about classic point-and-click games of the 90s. You are a new player then you should play LucasArts games before enjoying this light-hearted adventure video game.

  1. The Lost City

Inspired by Myst, The Lost City sports gorgeous visuals which look amazing on an Android tablet PC. The game’s stunning scenes have a story to tell. One really can’t take his eyes off of such brilliant artwork. Well, don’t just waste your time gazing at those spectacular scenes. You have puzzles to solve. Each scene provides fun mind-benders.

  1. The Passenger

A short, but engrossing game, The Passenger has excellent hand-drawn visuals which can be reminiscent of classic graphic adventure titles. The game puts you in to the shoes of a character straight from a detective noir novel.

  1. Reperfection

Reperfection is really a supernatural thriller. It’s an exciting plot and amazing art graphic noir visual style that compliments well with the entire concept. In Reperfection, the protagonist has the capability to go in time by looking in to the eyes of a dead person. His wife died in an incident and he doesn’t have option but to utilize this ability to bring her back again to life. Will he be able to successfully alter his past? Only you are able to help him and this can be done solving puzzles and getting together with in-game characters.

  1. Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

When I first played Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars on my PC, I fell in deep love with its magnificent visuals and endearing characters. The Director’s Cut version for Android has improved graphics and plenty of extra features, including a particular mode where you are able to play Nicole’s character. The game has plenty of puzzles, and many of them can be tricky, forcing players to believe out from the box. Several puzzle solutions are totally crazy and amusing.

  1. The Silent Age

The Silent Age involves time travel. It’s occur the early 70s. The protagonist, Joe, who works as a janitor at an agency, stumbles upon an occasion travel device. Now it’s around him to save this world. Enough time travel device teleports him to the early 70s, where he encounters several obstacles and dangers and it’s you who is able to help him solve the mystery. You will need to help Joe on his city adventure as he avoids the authorities and find a method from one area to a different to get clues.

  1. The Great Fusion

Set in the dystopian world, the game lets you control a sacked computer programmer who stumbles upon weird odd jobs, such as robbing a bank, taking part in a rescue mission and a number of other fun missions. The point-and-tap interface lets you choose up flashing components of interest and using them on logical puzzles. The in-game hint system provides clues via a virtual mobile phone, which you should use in confusing situations.

  1. Finding Teddy

Finding Teddy centers around the adventures and struggle of a little girl who ventures into her nightmare to save her beloved toy teddy from the clutches of a monster. The game supplies a healthy combination of point-and-click adventure and puzzles of musical. Each new environment is adorned with magical melodies that compensates for having less dialogue, making gameplay more immersive.

  1. Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World

Kaptain Brawe’s gameplay and bright, colorful visuals reminds me of LucasArts games. The cartoonish graphics, brilliantly-devised logical puzzles, funny characters and plenty of humor rekindles fond memories of classic school adventure games. The story revolves around a burly character called Kaptain Brawe who finds himself tangled into an inter-galactic conspiracy that compels him to look for its answer in a far-off galaxy.


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