Top 10 Pixel-Art Games for Android

8-bit gems can still be found, thanks to a couple good game developers who are creating pixekated masterpieces for PC. Several pixel-art games are already released for Android and iPhone previously few years. This is the rundown of the best 8-bit games in your smartphone.

10 Pixel-Art Games for Android

  1. Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen and Paper brings back those former D&D days, when never ending hours were spent rolling polyhedral dice and scribbling character sheets.

The games humorous carry out the concept of dragons and knights from your perspective of virtual pen and paper adventurers are some things RPG fans must not miss.

  1. The Sandbox

The Sandbox helps you have fun playing the creator! You may create some sort of, combine elements to breathe life into it and in many cases destroy it, when you are feeling a bit devilish.

This mix-and-match game’s concept is similar to Doodle God, there is however a visually impressive 8-bit world to view, nurture and totally congtrol. It is actually an 8-bit canvas that supplies the ultimate sandbox experience.

  1. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

A Star Wars-themed Tiny Tower-like game, Tiny Death Star is going to be known more for its gorgeous 8-bit graphics than gameplay, which i believe is tediously boring.

The experience concept is actually comparable – create floors filled with gift shops, bars, accommodations, recruit employees, attract customers, certainly be a liftman and escort these to their destination, earn money – more or less everything for funding a space-station-cum-super weapon.

  1. Pocket Harvest

Pocket Harvest is a farm simulation game with cutesy 8-bit graphics. If you appreciate Farmville, then you might need to play this game. It is possible to plant crops in the fields, construct sightseeing opportunities, expand land, attract customers and earn virtual cash.

Cute 8-bit workers will aid you in planting seeds, digging up radishes and carrots. Tourists will visit your farm, buy farm produce and roam around your beautifully decorated fields.

  1. O.T. Defender of Texel

If you are interested in a role-playing game with fantastic pixel art graphics in your Android phone, you then should download and install D.O.T. Defender of Texel. The game’s amazing pixelated universe is likely to make retro gamers a bit nostalgic.

You’ll be doing boss fights, complete quests, construct a party, fight rivals in PvP arenas and evolve heroes within your team. Whilst the gameplay is rather akin to any Mobage-developed title, is it doesn’t dazzling 3D block art visuals and humorous presentation making it unique and interesting.

  1. Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest is Snake on steroids. The classic RPG elements infused into it make gameplay all the more interesting. As opposed to a food-munching reptilian, there would have been a party of heroes with the chief hero as the snake’s head and secondary heroes forming its segments.

Each hero will launch a unique attack when enemies come within its field of view. Knights will engage in melee attack, archers will arrow bomb monsters and mages will unleash spells to destroy zombies, bats and a lot of monsters in the arena. The experience ends if the chief hero is killed, so you should definitely keep party from traps and enemy attacks.

  1. Heroes of Loot

Game visuals look more polished than any 80s RPG game. The pixel art heroes are way too adorable, so may be those monsters. But don’t these 8-bit cutesy characters fool you. This is usually a fast-paced hack-and-slash dungeon crawler sprinkled with strategy.

Each character features its own unique skills the ones combat moves count a gander. Heroes of Loot is an excellent game for anybody who misses playing 8-bit role-playing games on his/her consoles.

  1. Legends of Yore

Another rogue-like dungeon crawler, Legends of Yore faithfully reproduces former 80s RPGs, although with some changes to gameplay. You are free to pick one character class from 3 classes – Warrior, Archer and Mage.

The degrees are randomly generated, and give plenty of challenges and secrets. Obviously it is not closer to your hardcore dungeon crawler, and might interest casual RPG players, yet it is brilliantly designed.

  1. Infectonator: Hot Chase

Infectonator infuses endless running elements smoothly into its zombie simulator and supplies a surprisingly addicting session of pure zombie menace. Playing a zombie can be hugely fun. You’ll be running, infecting as many humans as possible.

However, be certain your stamina bar does not trickle because of zero, else the zombie will stop. It food and foodis scampering here and there. Just attractive a personality’s shrieking in fear to regain some stamina and speed.

  1. Isle of Bxnes

Isle of Bxnes’graphics are top-notch. You might really like the hand-drawn pixel art visuals. This can be pure 8-bit violence and combat is inspired by hardcore role-playing games.

Emerge the Stone Age, this atmospheric RPG helps you play as being a nomadic tribesman exploring a weird island full of wild beasts, cannibals and rival wanderers looking for a new home.

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