Top 10 Parkour Games Like Mirror’s Edge

The initial Mirror’s Edge is inarguably one of many greatest parkour video gaming ever released. Despite only marginal mainstream success on initial release, the game has garnered a well-deserved loyal fan base within the years. This isn’t surprising given the actual fact that Mirror’s Edge fluid momentum-driven parkour mechanics still feel as fresh as ever. Better yet, the never Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst sees Faith (the franchise’s trace-use protagonist) entering to the realm of open-world parkour exploration. Parkour video games like Mirror’s Edge are proof that taking giant leaps of Faith (ha!) off buildings can be an eternal thrill.

  1. Dying Light

Games like Mirror’s Edge and Dying Light understand how to do parkour right. The overall game ranks way up there among the best parkour video gaming ever released, though its story is just a little hit-and-miss and the main character falls heavily on the generic side. Both the initial and the expansion, Dying Light: The Following, are worth checking out. Note: The Following does tone down the parkour sections a little in favor of a fresh driving mechanism.

  1. Vector

Unlike Mirror’s Edge, Vector is definitely an exclusively 2D side-scroller. You’re also always automatically running, so controls are simply about swiping up or down at the best times (i.e. still immensely fun and challenging). Vector also features stylish free running move upgrades which can be collected by flicking upwards over icons scattered throughout stages which divide up the game. Vector’s simple silhouette visuals look absolutely gorgeous but do not feature the exact same bright, color-coordinated palettes of Mirror’s Edge.

  1. Lemma

 Lemma features Joan – a lady protagonist who, like Faith, has the capacity to rapidly jump, slide, and hurdle her way across far-reaching landscapes in record time. The overall game can be played from the first-person perspective, giving an excellent sense of parkour immersion (with the added bonus of VR support). The game’s Control is responsive and, same like Mirror’s Edge, there is a gorgeous dose of well-placed colored cues to help you explore the initially intimidating environments. Like Mirror’s Edge, the soundtrack of Lemma is atmospherically phenomenal.

  1. Ninja Pizza Girl

Like Mirror’s Edge, pizza delivery ninja Gemma makes parkour look stunningly effortless. As can be likely, you’ll be slipping, sliding, and jumping up and over urban obstacles with ease. The game’s controls are very fluid and responsive. Ninja Pizza Girl also utilizes bright visual cues (often in the proper execution of arrows) to steer you through stages. Maintaining the best momentum and properly timing your landing rolls will also be key to ensuring an easy, chained run.

  1. Prince of Persia: ‘The Sands of Time’ Trilogy

The Prince of Persia reboot series sample levels of wall-running, ledge climbing, and dodge rolling are highly reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge, albeit with lethal spikes and traps thrown in. Like Mirror’s Edge, main acrobatic maneuvers are an easy task to complete, though careful patients and patient timing are essential to mastery. In true parkour style, you’ll also be required to extensively observe and interact with your surrounding environments in order to get from Point A to Point B.

  1. Refunct

Just like Mirror’s Edge, Refunct is just a first-person parkour-inspired game about wall-running, climbing, sliding, and taking wild leaps off ledges. Visuals will also be strikingly colored, aesthetically aiding you in navigating across the entire map. Additionally, there are puzzle elements which require you to keenly observe your surroundings to figure out how to reach the point you have to get to. Like Mirror’s Edge, Refunct’s occasionally dizzying heights can make some acrophobes cringe (though it’s great for the others people!)

  1. Brink

While Mirror’s Edge is mainly focused on a parkour game with some combat elements, Brink is mostly about online battle, with some parkour elements. Parkour moves will also be far more automated than Mirror’s Edge and may be incorporated by holding down the SMART button (kind of like dashing / climbing in Assassin’s Creed). Additionally, there are different character classes such as Medics, Soldiers, Engineers, and Operatives) that affect playstyle, though each is able to transport out similar parkour moves.

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Free Run Mode

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Free Run Mode uniquely combines the absolute most addictive aspects of Mirror’s Edge and Titanfall into one fun package. There is a huge sense of flow from smoothly chaining together your Mirror’s Edge-esque jumps-and-slides with Titanfall double-jumps and long wall-run stretches. The mode also equips you with weapons, challenging you hitting floating targets as you parkour from start to finish. You will also need to keep a detailed eye on your boost meter. Naturally, multitasking is key if you hope to break any online World Records.

  1. Assassin’s Creed Main Series

Assassin’s Creed is one of the most often mentioned series in online discussions on parkour video gaming like Mirror’s Edge. Like Mirror’s Edge, you will be doing plenty of rooftop dashes and acrobatic vaulting, chasing and running far from baddies across the way. The series also empowers you by having an incredible sense of vertical and horizontal fluidity of movement. Additionally, both Mirror’s Edge and the Assassin’s Creed series while slightly exaggerated within their physics – do try to steadfastly keep up a much closer grounding to traversal reality in comparison to, say, the tech-equipped movement of Titanfall or Black Ops’ Free Run mode.

  1. inMomentum

Inevitable comparisons have already been made between inMomentum and Mirror’s Edge. Like Mirror’s Edge, inMomentum is focused on, well… being in momentum! You will be dashing, jumping, and vaulting across clean, brightly-colored stages that are aesthetically similar to Mirror’s Edge, specially the DLC pack. Both soundtracks are also composed mostly of ambient electronic music, which enhance the general immersion. inMomentum also features a main Time Trial mode that challenges you to dash and leap you way across narrow ledges using shortcuts.

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