Top 10 Journal Apps for Android

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With a lot planning on in your day-to-day lives, there may be several memories that you wish to recall in the extended run. Provided how pre-occupied our thoughts presently are, the majority of us can’t always recall a memory in good detail. That is once you might contemplate publishing journals. But publishing them in a journal looks such as a issue of the past. With the planet going therefore fast scientifically, why should you be left behind? You can log your entire journals in the Android smartphone sitting in your pocket. So, to help you out, listed here is a listing of Top most useful Journal applications for Android that you should use:

1. Journey


Journey is an easy-to-use app that lets you log your record entries. It could find your local area and temperature problems so that you can choose to incorporate them along with your entries. You will also find the choices to contain photos and films and your action state like strolling, running, biking, etc. These posts can more be branded for selecting into various categories.

2. Dream Journal Ultimate

Desire Journal Ultimate is created especially to enable you to log your dreams. The app features a function named “Desire Wall” where you are able to read dream journals from other people using the app. And, if you want, even you possibly can make your posts to look on this page simply by ticking the checkbox that claims “Reveal Dreams on Desire Wall” once you create a new entry.

3. Penzu

Penzu is certainly one of my favorite record applications out there. Although free variation offers some fundamental characteristics that you may need like publishing entries in one record, placing pointers, securing the record with a code, and securing the entire app with a passcode.

4. DayGram

DayGram is a modest app with a beautiful-looking interface. Once you open the app, the entries, when you yourself have any, are exhibited in the form of a timeline. Coming with multiple subjects like mild, evening, pond, etc., it lets you modify the design of the app completely. You can modify the font size, and use your phone’s font in the app.

5. Daylio

Along with some typically common top features of other record applications like placing pointers (up to 2), acquiring the app with a PIN, and backup on Google Drive. It lets you select your temper for a particular entry. Though you will find just five moods available, you can modify their names to whatever you desire. Additionally, you can select more than one activities from a list to create your article even more memorable.

6. Narrate

Narrate is certainly one of my favorite record apps. Boasting with characteristics just like other applications in the number like acquiring the app with a passcode, cloud sync, and geotagging, it includes some more great features. You can backup your entries not merely on the cloud but also domestically in your device. Narrate comes with a helpful function that lets you recover deleted items.

7. Universal Diary

Universal Diary lets you add a memory for creating an access at a particular time on some particular days. Like the majority of other applications, you receive the possibility to choose a design like bright, dark, or summer, protected the app with a code, and backup up your computer data over Google Drive. You can move it to an SD card as properly, Universal Diary also posseses an autosave function.

8. Moment Diary

Moment Diary is a record app with lots of customization choices.You can modify the looks in many ways like changing the shades, time shades, font shades, etc. The user may also place a background picture and allow various skins. Moment Journal offers almost all the main element characteristics on most other record applications, including pointers, passcode, and images.

9. Memoires

Memoires includes the ability to add photos and voice tracks, temperature and area data, add tags, and seek out various memories. Once you’ve created an access, you can share it with the others, see and change it, abide by it up to create a flow of thoughts, and even demand area where it had been created. You can also add individuals to your entries.

10. me.time

me.time lets you put in writing your thoughts. You obtain a concern, known as “Records”, each and every day as you are able to answer. These issues are made to support you understand your self better. You can choose to be informed day-to-day of the issues and may even select to full cover up your responses from others. That being said, you can see the responses other people have prepared and shared with the public.

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