Top 10 iPhone Sports Games

Have a look at these best iPhone sports games if you’re a self-proclaimed fanatic of some traditional roughhousing. Our list here has been infused with most typical titles that are enjoyed by many. All those who just cannot find enough time to meet up friends and family for soccer, badminton, cricket or basketball, should download one of these applications and enjoy your favorites just about anywhere you want. Have a look.

10 Best iPhone Sports Games

  1. FIFA Soccer 12

Produced by EA, FIFA Soccer 12 brings the action of your favorite sport right to your phone’s touchscreen. Featuring vibrant graphics, ultra-realistic animations and responsive controls, the app comes with the Manager Mode which allows you to manage a club of your by trading players, upgrading staff and more.

  1. Arcade Hoops Basketball

This classic arcade title requires you to sink balls in to the basket within a stipulated time. The personalizable offering comes with 8 skins and lets you choose from 3 different modes – classic, progressive and 3-point. And since it connects with Facebook, you can brag about your high scores and achievements and even challenge friends and family to beat your scores. Additionally, you can have your music in the background and get your high scores listed on Game Center.

  1. Super Stickman Golf

Playing alone tends to acquire a little boring, and it looks like the makers of another app inside our lineup understand that. They’ve added multiplayer support for the application form and provide you with the option to play online against random players or locally together with your friends.

  1. Hit Tennis 3

A sequel to Hit Tennis 2, the 3rd edition of the title is said to be better yet compared to previous version. It will feel like real tennis, the sole difference being that you’ve to utilize gestures like swipe and flick going to the ball.

  1. 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 Free

Designed for all those who’re huge baseball fans, 9 Innings enables you to compete with 30 major league teams and over 800 actual players from around the world. You can even have your own team that you will have to manage in order to win various championships.

  1. Stick Cricket

So you cannot do without your daily dose of cricket? No worries, as this application inside our array will help you relish it just about anywhere you want. You really have to be careful about shot selection and timing in order to hit the ball against some of the best bowlers from around the globe.

  1. 3D Badminton II

The easy and fun gameplay in addition to 3D visuals make 3D Badminton II worth a try. Naturally, your finger can be your racket with this touch-based app and all you need to complete to smash that shuttle cock is gently flick your finger on the Retina display.

  1. Virtual Table Tennis 2: Ping Pong Online

Apparently, the sole 3D title in the App Store that provides online multiplayer for table tennis is Virtual Table Tennis 2 which graces our queue. You are able to make the most of the multiplayer feature online or via Bluetooth to create ping pong your right on your iOS device.

  1. Extreme Skater Blitz

It certainly doesn’t matter if you aren’t a great skater in real life. You are able to continue to become a great virtual one. Skateboarding with a twist, the app requires you to skate your way through hills and forests to gather meteor fragments strewn across these locations.

  1. Air Hockey Gold

Whether you want to play with 1 puck or two, alone or against a pal, Air Hockey Gold offers you the option for all this and more. You can play in modes like kiddies and insane against the computer or challenge your friend to a match of air hockey.

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