Top 10 Hidden-Object Games for Facebook

Some games tend to be heavy on narrative and present an effective theme to have players at their toes. Listed below are all very reputable story-driven, themed and gameplay-rich seek and discover games on Facebook.

  1. Criminal Case

Criminal Case has taken a much-needed crime-themed puzzler to the hidden object genre. Game developers have translated traditional HoG mechanics into a brilliant snoop and discover the game. As opposed to the usual object-hunting scenes, the gameplay takes players towards a grisly crime scene full of clues to decipher. Upon solving a crime scene, the player might be rewarded with points and bonuses as well as star ratings. Stars may help unlock special mini-games including jigsaw puzzles to code-breaker games.

  1. Pearl’s Peril

Pearl’s Peril can be a story-driven hidden object game where the player will get hired to play the shoes of your art-enthusiast adventurer. Ladies Gardens of Time-like building mini-game, where player adds items to an isometric island to earn points, which unlocks additional story scenes. However, it’s the compelling narrative that could make you play till the end.

  1. Lost Legacies

Lost legacies just aren’t going to go higher than the original hidden object mechanics, neither can it offer any variety. Although the looking intended to instantly catch your skills is its simple, crisp graphics. The attractive visuals make seek and discover gameplay quite engaging. Objects are really easy to locate, its no wonder that mafia wars will be quite created for kids.

  1. Relic Quest

Another standard HoG, Relic Quest comes with the excellent character-driven story. Fans of Indiana Jones will instantly like the entire plot as well as gameplay. The game is quest-based, with each quest you start with interesting dialogues exchanged involving the titular character and also other characters. Players must complete the objectives quickly mission to make an alternative quest.

  1. Blackwood and Bell Mysteries

Which includes a dark, Victorian setting, Blackwood, and Bell Mysteries puts you on the shoes of an amateur sleuth. By solving hidden object scenes and placing objects on your “Evidence Yard”, you unlock scenes and solve murder mysteries. Each scene provides a hidden clue, which you’ll want to collect that allows you to solve a murder mystery or perhaps a robbery.

  1. Gardens of Time

Gardens of Time combines traditional HoG with many social elements. Even greater, there’s a lot of scenes that will allow players time to explore far-off lands and connect with colorful characters.

  1. Hidden Chronicles

Hidden Chronicles (HC) happens to be an addicting hidden object game with social elements sprinkled here and there. You’re tasked to eliminate the mysterious death of your respective uncle. To uncover the facts, you will need to solve hidden object scenes, play mini-games and decorate Ramsey Manor to unlock more scenes.

  1. Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor is a fantasy-themed hidden object video game. It is full of creatures and myths. The Manor features amazing characters to interact with. Each character will request you to accomplish a job, which normally comprises of solving hidden object puzzles and playing mini-games. A Harry Potter-esque map will show you how to several rooms. It is easy to explore these rooms, find hidden items and unlock additional rooms to accomplish tasks.

  1. Hidden Haunts

Hidden Haunts can be a spooky HoG with “photo-realistic” visuals and several excellent features that stand out from the crowd:

  1. Threads of Mystery

The spirit will help the player in solving the first few levels, which are really tutorial levels. As the game progresses, new characters pop, making gameplay more immersive. The game presents any story through interconnected seek-and-find scenes.

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