Top 10 Games Like World’s Dawn

In this game, the ultimate task of the player is to create friendships and find love between a quirky and endearing cast of villagers, each with his own dialogue and personalities. Tend to livestock, plant and harvest crops, compete in festivals, mine, fish, discover magical secrets and a whole lot more!

Rune Factory 4

In the aftermath of a battle, take charge of the town of Selphia and gain the trust of its people. Manage the running of town with dungeon exploring and combat. Craft equipment, woo lovers to marriage, use Orders to rule your town. Arm allies to explore with you and defeat the mysterious force at the job in the dungeons.

Harvest Moon

Take charge of a farm fallen into disrepair and restore it to its former glory. Divide your time between farming, raising livestock, foraging, and fishing. Face the challenges of different seasons, upgrade your tools, balance your income, and socialize with your fellow townspeople.


It is a side-scrolling action-packed building video game in which you start with next to nothing but lots of basic tools, and you need to collect resources to build-up a village populated with NPCs and merchants, in addition, you need to defeat powerful bosses to earn legendary weapons and armor.


Control his space enterprise from a starship as the player beam right down to a seemingly infinite quantity of different planets to collect useful items to craft and upgrade your gear into better yet versions of themselves. IN this 2D side-scrolling adventure, you will discover places and fight monsters, in addition to battling ab muscles components of the planet itself.

Fantasy Life

Investigate the mysterious events following fall of Doomstones across the once peaceful world of Reverie. Fight monsters and explore the world. Choose from certainly one of twelve Life classes, with the option to swap between them as you need. Unlock bonuses and new skills.


Construct a colony from your three survivors of a shipwreck on a remote world. Acquire animals, fashion structures, and products, struggle pirate raiders and different threats, business with ships and merchants.Watch as your colonists build and break relationships with each other. Enjoy watching the story grow and develop.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Take charge whilst the mayor of a small town populated with anthropomorphic animals. Using Ordinances and Public Works Projects, collect funds to create new objects and facilities for your citizens. Pass laws to mold town as you wish. Among, explore your home, build a home, play games, and socialize!

Aven Colon

Explore the alien planet of Aven Prime using its vast deserts, jungles, and tundra. Take charge of mankind’s first extrasolar colony where you will expand them from humble beginnings to massive sprawling metropolises. Survive differing biomes and their bizarre alien inhabitants. Manage every part of your colony to make certain success.

Don’t Starve

Choose from certainly one of a multitude of characters, each with their own unique abilities, to survive in the wilderness, fending off monsters, winter months, and even monsoons. Adventure throughout the land collecting strange artifacts to fight monsters and solve the mystery behind your sudden appearance on this deserted island.

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