Top 10 Games Like World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a highly competitive, team-based MMO game that has thrilling yet strategic gameplay. Unlock new, historically-accurate tanks from different countries with a tree-like system. You may also customize them to match your playstyle and even add in some decor to personalize your chosen tanks. That’s not totally all, the game offers gorgeous graphics, amazing selection of maps, missions to complete and badges to gather, in addition to its famously realistic and challenging gameplay and fair matchmaking. Don’t forget to sign up to join a clan and play together to dominate the battlefield! Enlist today and dive into the planet of tanks!

  1. World of Tanks: Blitz

World of Tanks: Blitz may be the so-called mobile version of one of many world’s most widely used tank MMO game, World of Tanks (WoT). As a result of being fully a mobile game, the gameplay in World of Tanks: Blitz feels a tad bit more arcade-like and a lot more fast-paced as set alongside the original. However, much like WoT, the game offers players a wide variety of tanks of varying make and models in addition to capabilities and roles on the battlefield. Like Hearthstone, the game also allows cross platform gaming where players using iOS, Android, Mac and Windows players can participate with each other, though admittedly, playing on mobile might prove to be a disadvantage and the whole battle may feel less realistic.

  1. Tanki Online

Tanki Online is a wonderful mixture of intense and somewhat fast-paced, first-person shooting with some awesome-looking (in an old-school kind of way) tanks. Chasing other players throughout the map in your tank or ambushing them is surprisingly fun and, regardless of the multiple deaths, the game is very entertaining indeed! The overall game also provides a huge selection of maps, from the tundra to desert battles, and battle modes, both team and solo modes. Players also can customize their tanks by adding camouflage, swapping out turrets and even refitting your tank’s hull. With every increase in rank, players reach unlock new gear, tank models and additional items, like mines too.

  1. World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes , by Wargaming, can be an MMO action game where you’ll get to play while the pilot of a warplane. Pitch, swerve and dive your path as you engage in exhilarating dogfights in the skies. This game offers brilliant and detailed plane models, massive selection of detailed maps, realistic and challenging gameplay (even when you’re facing game-generated robots), and many customization features for the warplane. Additionally, there are missions for you to undertake and lots of exciting team-play. If you eager for insane aerial combat, well, World of Warplanes is recruiting – Subscribe now!

  1. Tanki X

Tanki X can be an MMO tank game on the basis of the hugely popular Tanki Online. Being touted as a beautifully-made revamp of the original, Tanki X comes with a similar arcade-like, PvP-oriented gameplay that its community has enjoyed and loved and yet brings about lots of improvements including the recent anti-flipping mechanics (still in beta though) and cool colored ammo. Players will also be able to develop significantly more than 70 different types of tank combinations from the 3 customization options available, creating their own tanks that suit their playstyle. Sounds fun? Well, head to Tanki X now and prepare yourself to roll out!

  1. World of Warships

World of Warships can be an MMO game by War gaming that lets you assume the role of the commander of an historically-accurate warship and engage in strategic, team-based and incredibly realistic naval battles on the truly amazing seas. Determine the best span of action as you pull off impressive tactical maneuvers to flank or outflank your rivals and help your team complete the primary objectives of the match. Featuring an enormous choice of warship classes, ranging from aircraft carriers to battleships and even to the nimble destroyers, from 4 different factions, the game also lets you customize your ships, commanders and crew, complete missions, collect achievements and more.

  1. War Thunder

War Thunder is probably the greatest multiplayer flight/ tank simulation games inside the reputation of gaming. The adventure offers tanks, as well as planned naval warfare in the future, through the World War era. The adventure claims to get realistic gameplay, including real life-based tactical strategies, and historically accurate planes and tanks to interest war buffs. Additionally, it features numerous play styles – whether you like it bombing tanks, manning the anti-air guns or flying a jet fighter – and customization methods of players to personalize their particular rides, should it be a plane or simply a tank. In addition to the spectacular battles in War Thunder, the game offers absolutely beautiful graphics (both for the earth likely tank/plane models) as well as smooth and much easier controls. If you value tanks and planes through the world war era, War Thunder is definitely a must-play game! Check it out now!

  1. War Rock

War Rock is a fairly decent free-to-play military-themed MMOFPS title which could look a little old-school but is pretty exciting to play. Due to nearly all game modes that could either be PvP focused or against AIs in PvE, the game is going strong until at the present time and age. With regards to gameplay, it’s what you will except of one’s typical FPS, with just a few changes from time to time disseminate in general to really make it a bit more interesting for players to stay around. Let’s just say this, appear big-head mode in games, you will love War Rock because there is a lot of that!

  1. Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is actually a breakout MMO shooter game that comes with a smooth combination of objective-based matches and arcade-styled first person shooting. Together with a great lineup of champions of varying skills and skills to play as, the game also boasts a unique card-based load out system where you will have to get used to the random cards that you get since you play. The matches are team-oriented and fast-paced as well. Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a the better choice in the list of games like Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, and Dirty Bomb. Both competitive and casual players certainly will love this particular game!

  1. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is the single most popular MMOFPS game in the world that includes a somewhat arcade-like quality to it. Developed Valve, the game brings humorous and compelling characters, each equipping different weapons and play different roles in the game. Enjoy blasting your opponents in a number of game modes and maps while collecting items that you need for crafting new and more efficient weapons. There are many cosmetics… especially hats, and weapons so that you can buy and workout as well! Team Fortress 2 is also a popular eSport and possesses tournaments held all over the world annually.

  1. Battlerite

Battlerite is actually a MOBA game which is unlike almost every other! By daring to change, Stun lock Studios had been come up with a game which doesn’t only bring out the enjoyment in arena play but also fuses it with tried-and-true competitive elements through the very successful MOBA genre. In the game, you are free to experience short and intense arena matches which can be capped with an even more fervent gameplay via its Sudden Death mode with many champions, who may have their particular set of unique skills and augmentations.

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