Top 10 Games Like Warframe

Warframe is definitely an MMO third person shooter game that is certainly from a futuristic fantasy world where you’re going to get to visualize the role of the Tenno, a historical race of warriors with powerful biomechanical suits called warframes. Because of so many different classes to offer, you’ll get to experience the game through different play styles, allowing for increased replay ability. The action also focuses much more about its PvE aspect where you’re going to get to battle against lots of enemy factions by using an intuitive and intense, action-based combat system. You will get to explore different planets and moons while in the solar system while slowly uncovering the spectacular lore behind the game. Warframe features exhilarating and competitive PvP gaming by using Conclave matches as well.

  1. Galactic Junk League

Galactic Junk League is a nice fun and competitive MMO shooter/space simulation game that carries with it an incredible sandbox-styled spaceship crafting aspect and a specialized theme which fuses good ol’Western that has a futuristic setting. Really the only obvious disadvantage in the game is its minimal player base, which generated multiple other difficulties, including being not able to get into a match or acquiring match made with players who will be simply too rich in level or unbalanced teams for the game being fair. Hopefully, this condition will be corrected once the game is officially released and players should be able to actually love playing the game.

  1. Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online is a very cross-platform space MMO where you’ll get to pilot your own spacecraft and embark to look around the vast galaxy. Despite looking rather old-school, the gameplay has quite a nice feel with it especially when you find yourself shooting down enemy ships because physics-based mechanics. You can even customize your own personal ship as a result of the actual fine details.

  1. Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is often a sci-fi-themed MMORPG that features epic dogfights in space, lots of alien species and encounters, in addition to cool varieties of futuristic space travels, from the iconic Star Trek universe that lots of love and revel in while in the interval when the Klingons drive to be expanded their empire entered conflict while using the forces on the Federation. That’s not all, the Dominions may also be trying to wrestle Alpha Quadrant through the Federation and apparently, the Borgs get home at the same time!

  1. EVE Online

EVE Online is a space simulation/ action MMO game that is just about the discussed game in recent history when it comes epic space battles and deep “political” rifts between factions and guilds. The fact is, the game features a social aspect that’s so intricate – almost web-like – connecting each player together that sometimes makes a melting pot that unfortunately boiled over… that is when massive wars involving 1000s of players as well as their spacecraft’s erupt!

  1. Fractured Space

Fractured Space is often a sci-fi-themed MMO game from Edge Case Games that increases the breathtaking visuals of your game from space as well as a notable space combat mechanism that could bring to mind the vast battlefields of strategic (as instead of Rambo-styled) action MMOs like the techniques from Wargaming, specifically, Realm of Warplanes and perhaps Realm of Warships. The action features a huge amount of starship variety together with allowing you to customize your ships whichever way you like, including handpicking your own personal starship crew and adding custom decals.

  1. Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online is definitely a well-developed and fun spaceship simulation game which enables you to think of yourself as an encouraging new recruit! Select a faction to align yourself with, either the colonials (humans) or even the Ceylon’s, and help your faction control critical sectors and resources while in the unexplored area that both factions are stranded in. Participate in combat with your fellow pilots to destroy enemy outposts and claim the sector to your faction. Collect resources to trade for ship upgrades or for cubits (in-game currency), which in turn allows you to purchase new and better ships.

  1. Star Conflict

Star Conflict puts you in the heart of deep space, while in the far future where mankind has colonized the celebrities and brought new worlds for itself. But as factions arise and politics choose greed and war the latest threat makes itself known and attacks worlds without the need of discrimination. Here you happen to be thrust to the universe like a mercenary pilot, working for the biggest bidder and seeking to settle alive. With a wonderful first person shooter style while in the depths of space you have a game that puts you right into the experience with real-time 3D space fighter combat.

  1. MechQuest

MechQuest is usually a child-friendly, sci-fi-themed 2D MMORPG from the makers of AdventureQuest and Dragon Fable, Artix Entertainment. The game offers its players the classic Flash-based browser MMO experience that even low-end PCs can run. Despite its simplistic combat system and graphics, the game has were last until today mainly due to its humorous storylines as well as its special story updates which are stuffed with quips depending on recent events and current fads. Somewhat, MechQuest is the best game solution to players who love AdventureQuest-styled games but wanted something who has cool mechs cyborgs and actual robots in them.

  1. Blacklight Retribution

 Blacklight Retribution is usually a black ops-themed, futuristic MMOFPS game where wall-hacks (through the using the HRV) are the main game’s unique gameplay. Get strapped in to a cool armored exoskeleton, shoulder the load out which you decide on and work using your team to secure various objectives while in the games many competitive game modes and maps. As well as investing points into useful skills, it’s also possible to purchase new and more robust weapons or customize your existing weapons by swapping out any individual component for something better. Honestly, a sci-fi-themed MMO shooter can’t have any greater than this! Play Blacklight Retribution today!

  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic

 Star Wars: The Old Republic is an incredible Star Wars-themed MMORPG where you will get to dive into the continual conflict regarding the Sith and the Jedi’s with the Galactic Republic. Choose a side and the other from the 4 different classes available to begin your journey as a Sith or maybe a Jedi. The depth while in the gameplay is brilliant as well. You’ll arrive at customize and transform your own character through many different ways. You can then test your build and strength within a PvE or maybe a PvP setting. The ideal (and trickiest) part though is its storyline… and the game nails it somehow. Fans of Star Wars will be much honored to find out how the plot fits perfectly in to the franchise.

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