Top 10 Games Like Wakfu

A great, challenging and intriguing game, Wakfu is just a tactical, turn-based RPG developed by Ankama Games, a rising star developer in the gaming world. Wakfu grabs you up and drops you right in the midst of the tactical action in this cute and intense massively multiplayer online experience. If you have already had your fill and are searching for even more games like Wakfu, you will undoubtedly be hard-pressed to find a comparable experience available, but it’s possible to get a fresh and fresh experience! What Wakfu lacks in conventional gameplay, it a lot more than comprises for by making their existing game mechanics incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. In Wakfu, players can heed the call to climb the Mountain Zint to find the mighty ogre Ogrest, a robust being that has been behind the cataclysmic event that devastated the world of Wakfu and causes the conflict we currently find ourselves in. Or, if living of an adventurer doesn’t suit them, they are able to carve out a life by the shores of the desolated land, where the remaining residents of the land work tirelessly to revive the empires of old and bring some way of measuring security and peace to their residents. Whether you seek to live of a daring adventurer, the prestigious career of a politician or even the simple life of a character trying to eke out an income in a world that’s torn by war and violence, Wakfu can find a place for you inside their world. Wakfu even does away with the original RPG archetypes and replaces them with 16 unique and quirky classes for players available as they enter the world of Wakfu for the initial time.

  1. Mabinogi

In a lovely, 3D anime-style world that’s Mabinogi, almost anything is achievable! Whether you want to be considered a powerful wizard, brave warrior, or even a caravan merchant or chef, Mabinogi allows you to take full control over your character’s life to craft them into the most effective character imaginable!

  1. Path of Exile

The massively multiplayer spiritual Successor to Diablo 2, Path of Exile is an experience any hardcore fans of Blizzard’s classic RPG should try at the least once. Everything feels very familiar, from the grid-based inventory system all the best way to the globes they use to show your quality of life and mana.

  1. RuneScape

RuneScape is the story about heroes who gather in the distant area to learn the essential skills. After the tutorial, players can choose the strategy, train more, fight the monsters or complete the quests. Players could interact by chatting, trading or utilize the system of Grand Exchange.

  1. ArcheAge

If you’re looking for a fantasy MMORPG that may truly spark your fascination with its lore and stop you hooked in ways nothing else truly will, ArcheAge is the overall game for you. Build your character and see them grow in this fantasy world!

  1. EverQuest II

In EverQuest 2, you’re thrust into a world filled up with fantastical creatures, extraordinary people, and the chance to set about adventures were able to never dream of inside our daily lives. The EverQuest Series has come to define the MMORPG genre, with the first game remembered very fondly. EverQuest 2 carries with this legacy with great pride.

  1. Eldevin

Full of character and absolutely crammed filled with fun, Eldevin can be an indie MMORPG, with gameplay centered around following a rigorous and fleshed-out story arc and exploring massive urban sprawls, in addition to isolated and remote areas of wilderness, all while trying your best to make use of your skills to survive.

  1. Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is just a uniquely in-depth and comprehensive MMO, with player feedback being pivotal to the way the developers shape and update the world portrayed in the game. Drakensang takes invest an epic medieval fantasy world, where anything is achievable and your character can grow into whatever you want them to be.

  1. RIFT

Once you step into the world of RIFT, you step into one of the very fleshed-out, in-depth MMO fantasy world which has ever been made. The entire world reacts to those things of its players, and anything becomes possible, both for individual characters, and what players can perform once they work together as a group.

  1. Black Desert Online

Hailed as one of the first “Next Gen MMOs”, Black Desert Online thrusts players into an income, breathing world that reacts to your character and immerses players in its lore. Players can shape their characters into anything from fierce warriors to simple and peaceful tradesmen, you will find no limits from what you may become!

  1. Albion Online

A forthcoming MMORPG from heavyweight developer Sandbox Interactive, Albion Online is poised to become major name in regards to fantasy MMOs. All the information released about that game up to now points to it having every one of the aspects of a possible home-run, and a must-play for any MMO lover!


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