Top 10 Games Like Virtual Villagers: A New Home

Virtual Villagers: A New Home starts right after Virtual Villagers: The Secret City where your villagers managed to flee a tremendous volcano eruption on boats. However, the waves on the resulting tremors were too strong that little people be washed to shore of some other new island. As their leader, you’ll need to help them return to their feet and survive with this foreign island. Set up farms, build homes and research new technologies to help you your tribe grow and thrive.

Games Like Virtual Villagers: A New Home

  1. Virtual Villagers: New Believers

Virtual Villagers: New Believers is the latest sequel for the Virtual Villagers game franchise. Unlike most of its predecessor, Farmville allows you to finally come right out of the shadows and reveal you to ultimately your virtual people as the god. However, to find them to start out worshipping you including the god you will be, you’ll first need and have believe in your soul!

  1. Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children

Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children may be the second installment from the Virtual Villagers series. In Farmville, your small tribe were able to rescue a gaggle of children adrift at sea. These children will need nurturing plus it falls upon you, the best choice of the tribe to supply them with just that. Obviously, in the end you need look around the west side of Isla confident of discovering and learning more about the mysterious island.

  1. Virtual Villagers: The Secret City

Virtual Villagers: The Secret City is another game from the Virtual Villagers series. In Farmville, you’ll need to send your little villagers over a perilous yet necessary journey to re-populate the lost town of Isola. Thankfully, the place where the metropolis was rumored to become on is rich with resources that can assist your tribe not only to survive but additionally thrive… so long as you exist to steer them along. Beyond the intriguing storyline, Farmville now offers real-time weather that could greatly increase your gaming experience.

  1. Virtual Villagers: Origins

Virtual Villagers: Origins is a survival and village simulation game. In Farmville, you will require to assist the fellow members of your tribe to thrive inside a mysterious and tropical new island by getting them to try important roles, like farmers, builders and scientists. Expand your tribe and send them look around the island they have now made their residence on. There are an abundance of fun and challenging, random events that may spice up the day-to-day routine, allowing you make use of your excellent problem-solving skills.

  1. The Tribez

The Tribez is an enjoyable and attractive village-building and farming simulation game that has you the ability to produce a thriving tribal village stuffed with adorable tribesmen and women of your personal! Set your villagers to figure gathering resources and upgrading buildings to build up a substantial and thriving economy. Create your village as appealing as is possible with the help of decorations and social buildings to get new villagers to your village. Expand your land if you are being lucky, you can even stumble upon various artifacts scattered around Kauai that will you access to be able to exciting adventures on entirely new islands. Are you going to be in a position to fulfill your role as the prophesied great tribal chief, or might you lead every one of them to ruin? Uncover now by playing The Tribez!

  1. Dreamfields

Dreamfields is a unique farming simulation game that takes place inside a dream world of the magical forest. Inside your perfect, you may plant different crops on your own farm and enquire the bears for help. Your harvest might make lots of things to sell already in the market or collect to produce different structures that grant you more resources. On the whole, Dreamfields is the most unique farm simulation games of the company’s time. Its artful presentation and creative twists to a simple farming game helps it be a unique playing field of endless discovery and possibilities. With many crops, more information on resources and to be able to combine them, Farmville makes anything possible. This process is a dream to experience, and you will then soon be lost in this particular mesmerizing playing field of wonders.

  1. Sunken Secrets

 Sunken Secrets is a fairly unique farm simulation game due to the fact almost all of the gameplay occurs within the sea! With magic as the primary technique to uncured buildings to help you restore them, it is important to build various magic-producing structures to gather magic from. As a farm game, also you can plant, grow and harvest various fictional crops – you’re already growing stuff underwater… what you’d expect, right? – Which you will be able become other models like delicious beverages and foodstuff. Besides having the ability to trade with players through the marketplace, Sunken Secrets also possesses an exploration aspect since you can get and happen to be different islands.

  1. Family Barn

Family Barn provides you with a stupendous place of your family to turn into the farm of your dreams. From a smallish plot of land you get from someone close you are set on the route that turns your ramshackle hut right into a beautiful home. Grow crops, develop your holdings and lift livestock to make money. As you grow your farm and business you are able to buy new buildings and animal pens that supply you with more income to pay and grow even bigger.

  1. Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is farm simulation game from the king of casual games, In Farmville, you’ll receive to build and build a farm inside of a beautiful tropical island. Plant and harvest numerous types of crops, fish on the sea for a range of seafood, produce processed goods while using farm produce you’ve collected, and eventually expand your little farming village to match more buildings! The region itself also hides a great deal of secrets and also by playing the action, it is possible to reveal new locations, characters and stories. Paradise Bay is definitely an incredibly addictive farm game many is likely to enjoy – do give it a go!

  1. Miramagia

 Miramagia is a relatively interesting combined fantasy RPG and a farm simulation. Decide on a class, be it a Sorcerer, a Mage, a Druid or a Shaman, to play as and set up your own personal magical farm where it is possible to grow one of the most bizarre crops and plants ever. Decorate your home with a mixture of fun decor and turn your farming village on the prettiest while in the neighborhood.

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