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You can choose the region in which you want to drive the train: desert, mountain passes, a large city, an interface area, a subway. In the Train Sim, even a model train is available, which may be operated on the playground.

As well as the toy train in Train Sim, you will find a huge number of locomotives and 25 other kinds of trains. Additionally, the app contains detailed information on each of the available trains. Whilst the train is moving, you are able to change the viewing angle and camera position, choosing between the classic rear view, the first person view from the locomotive cab, the medial side of the train, etc.

Train Sim is a superb train simulator. And though it can’t boast of excellent graphics, many choices and a success of landscapes get this to game interesting enough to try it.

Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player

Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player is just a simulator of a driver with a multiplayer mode, which has beautiful three-dimensional graphics. The project allows you to sit in the booth of one of the several locomotives obtainable in the overall game, and also to meet up online with other users. The simulator reliably conveys the trains control features, forcing to monitor the speed limit and change the way in time in order to avoid collision with other traffic participants. Multiplayer mode includes contests to overcome among three distances with a randomly selected opponent. Who’s faster to achieve the terminal station, that takes his bet and rival. The street itself contains several turns, traffic lights, where you’ve to stop, looking forward to the green light, and other obstacles.

Train Simulator

Train Simulator 2016 could be the continuation of a series of online games in the genre of train simulator, which in reality became a new turn in train simulators. Here you’ve to become train driver, both passenger, and freight, and carry on real routes, through which you can have fun. Once you start driving a multi-ton high-speed machine, there’s just one inexplicable desire to move forward to check on all the options of this machine. You’ve to go via a difficult path, learning to be a newcomer in managing the trains and achieving true professionalism. At the same, time dozens of modern trains arrive at your disposal, and you will need to travel on typically the most popular routes of the complete world.

Rail Rush

Go in terms of you are able to, collecting all of the coins and precious stones along the way. The cart is controlled by touching and tilting the screen to the sides. You can jump in one rut to another, and even stick from your cart to collect coins and precious stones scattered on your path. The overall game includes six different worlds, every one of that is filled with endless possibilities. Passage of the overall game won’t ever be monotonous, as the synthesis of new ruts is manufactured in a new way every time. You can get new characters on the amount of money earned in the game. Altogether, the overall game has a lot more than twelve additional characters.


TrainStation – Game On Rails is one of the very famous and popular train simulators of different eras. In this game under your management and leadership, there are many trains where there are certainly a steam tractor and wagons. The wagons can vary by designation: some type of cargo, some passenger … but any one of them you’ve to send in a way so the crews earn money and other in-game resources that you could devote to new trains, wagons, etc. Create your railway empire from scratch and do everything possible to create your company flourish. To achieve this, it is necessary to create new roads, purchase the most recent locomotives and comprehensively develop your Empire. The game is really a huge selection of trains. Their number has recently exceeded 1000 units. The game

Train Simulator 3D

Train Simulator 3D is a perfect train game where you’ll manage a number of trains and drive them along the railways connecting different cities. Gently stop the train at the stations to grab passengers. Carry out different loads. Correctly select the direction and follow the directions of traffic lights. Buy new locomotives and improve them utilising the money received for the tasks. The developers represent a large quantity of different locomotives, all of that has its own specific qualities, as well as a number of routes. Therefore, you receive a great chance traveling the planet on modern machines.

Train Conductor World

The concept of an arcade puzzle Train Conductor World is far from being new. Your task is to control the movement of trains, avoiding collisions and trying to maneuver as long as possible. But it is worth saying that the creators of Train Conductor World took as a basis a concept far from new, but coped well with the creation of a fresh concept. And so, before us, there are the same railway tracks and the same locomotives, but at the same time a new atmosphere of the capitals of Europe, a revised game mechanics, modern graphics, new possibilities. You could have several tracks where trains will go. Most of the routes are numbered, as well as the trains, and you should transfer trains from approach to another. If you stop being able to navigate, you are able to stop the movement of trains simply by tapping on the train.

Rail Maze: Train puzzler

Rail Maze: Train Puzzler is a game where you’ll recognize that modern railways are real labyrinths. Train conductors and railway dispatchers need to decide on safe routes each time they send trains on the road to be able to move trains on complex labyrinths to their destination in time. Rail Maze: Train Puzzler is an accumulation of unique puzzles that you’ve to solve in the least timeframe and moves.

Trainyard Express

Trainyard Express is a puzzle game with a huge selection of solutions. Understand what’s what’s very simple. However, it is difficult to become master in this matter. Your tasks are simple and obvious – deliver the train to the destination station. Red trains – to red stations, blue trains to blue stations and so on. You control the trains, laying the iron tracks, based on which they will follow. You control trains by drawing paths that they can follow. There are no time limits or points – you simply need to find a very good solution for every single puzzle. The initial few puzzles can seem pretty easy for you, but their complexity increases, you will be needing more practice in the basics. Because the complexity progresses, use the theory of colors to combine trains of different colors, using time and all of the abilities of one’s brain to earn more points.

Kids Trains

On the way, there will be hills and tunnels, sandstorms and snow blizzards. But such trifles don’t bother the real machinists. After all, the train should come strictly according to the schedule, whatever the circumstances. A delay means losing honor. So be careful. This Android and iPhone game was created specially for kids.

Fun Kids Train Racing Games

With Fun Kids Train Racing Games you’ll control the fun train. Drive your train along mountain roads and long tunnels. Carry passengers and a number of goods. You need to carefully monitor the trail and prevent the train from crashing or colliding with various obstacles. Make stops at stations to disembark passengers. Add new railway carriages to your train and continue the journey. The interface of the game is straightforward and understandable, the graphics are colorful. In the game, there are 24 fascinating levels.

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