Top 10 Games Like That Level Again

It is a simple puzzle game. The levels of That Level Again are similar to one another, nevertheless, the passage is not. You are in an area where you will find spikes, platform, the button and the door.

This indicates not this type of complicated, isn’t it? Listed here are 64 not unique levels, but 64 unique passages. The immortal hero is consistently resurrected after death.

The overall game is extremely unusual and interesting. This game will Gamal to many people, specifically for fans of logic puzzles. The perfect game, even the simplicity of graphics doesn’t spoil it.

Flow Free

Flow Free is a simple puzzle game Game which is incredibly addictive. In the overall game, you will need to connect the dots of the same color with lines. When connecting make sure that the lines don’t intersect. But the truth is that you ought to connect all of the dots on the screen.

In the overall game, you will find two modes: Time Trial with the time limit to pass the particular level and Free Play, respectively, without any moment limits.

100 Logic Games Time Killers FREE Puzzle Pack!

Do you want to play sudoku and crossword puzzle? Would you want to test something new and not so boring? This Game offers you many puzzle games which are more entertaining and fun! Each game has its own rules, features, and advantages (you can go by way of a maze, plant trees, solve math tasks, find connections, build skyscrapers and more other tasks).

You are just to decide on a casino game you would like to succeed inю  In the Game, you can choose a level of difficulty, save your valuable progress, use hints to continue playing when the job is too difficult.

REBUS Absurd Logic Game

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game is a favorite word game for Android and iOS, which will be interesting for adults and children. To resolve riddles it will do to tap on visual images and to type words in a special input panel.

Under each picture, there’s a block of encrypted clues, which may be activated by pressing on the screen of one’s device. For every single puzzle done you’re awarded gold coins and experience points, which will be useful for opening new levels, as well as buying tips. REBUS – Absurd Logic Game is absolutely free but includes a built-in advertising.

Brain Games free puzzle pop mind games

The overall game makes you believe logically. The target of each level is to put shapes of different colors into a highlighted rectangle dragging them on the screen. Each level becomes more and more complicated. You can find 90 levels. The Game is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Brain Games: Words & Numbers for Brain Training

This logic game Game has two modes: Words and Numbers.Words mode is more complicated than Numbers one. In accordance with its users’reviews Numbers mode is more ideal for kids to coach their knowledge in math, but it’s too simple for adults.

Although you can look at the mode to check on how quickly you can solve each task! As for Words mode, it’s more exciting and allows you to think. You ought to find words in the puzzle swiping over letters. You can find different levels.

You start from simple words (3-4 letters), then words become longer (up to 7 letters). They could go in numerous directions. When you have found a phrase, you can see its definition in built-in Dictionary. Just click on the word and check its meaning.

Skillz Logical Brain Game

This can be a fun intellectual game for training memory, speed, attention and color perception. You can play the overall game with your young ones and guide them how to tell apart different colors and shades.

Your youngster will learn to believe logically using Skillz.The overall game can be ideal for individuals of all ages and of different levels and skills. Here as well you can check how good your reaction. In the overall game, you will find a large number of fun games, tasks, puzzles.

You will have a way to score points and advance through the levels. In the overall game, you can play in multiplayer mode.  You can play just like friends and family just like other players. The number of players in each game is from 2 to 4. Besides that you will have a way to pump your mental capacity, you simply get pleasure from the game.

Gears logic puzzle

Gear logic puzzle is definitely an addictive puzzle game based on physics. This game is going to be interesting for adults for kids. It is easy and enjoyable. The principles are simple: you must make all red gears to spin. With this, you have several conventional gears of different sizes.

They could be moved and associated with each other. Making use of their help, you will need to transfer the rotation of the green wheel to others. In the overall game, there are more than 300 levels and new tasks are constantly added.

It works even without WiFi and Internet connection. You can play offline at any time. There are almost no time limits. Enjoy the overall game anytime, anywhere. This free relaxing puzzle game with nice graphics will take a lot of fun for children and adults.

Brain It On! Physics Puzzles

Brain It On! contains challenging puzzles for the brain. To fix physical puzzles you must draw different figures. It’s not as easy as it seems. But you must try! There are a variety of solutions for each puzzle. Lots of clever puzzles are added regularly.

You are able to compete with friends and family for leadership. Then, share your unique solution and compare the effect with friends. There are more than 100 levels for free, others are going to be available after paying.

You Must Escape

This Game is very popular in lots of countries since it is really a magnificent adventure game for everyone. The target of the overall game is opened in its name: you must find how exactly to open different doors to escape and go to the next level. The themes of rooms vary and each level offers different adventures and tasks to solve.

Roll the Ball slide puzzle

Roll The Ball: slide puzzle – this is a simple addictive puzzle game that may entice you for a long time! It has many different genres: slider puzzles, maze games, puzzles associated with physics, math puzzles, retro games, family puzzle games and others.

You should move the blocks along with your finger to move the ball to the red block with the words PURPOSE. However, the attached blocks can’t be moved.

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