Top 10 Games Like Tetris

Created in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris remains remarkably popular even today, with official games still being produced for many different platforms. The premise with this block puzzle game remains simple: you align and rotate falling pieces of four connected blocks of numerous shapes to create lines that disappear, with the pace of the game increasing gradually.

  1. Mario

Dr. Mario borrows many classic block puzzle elements and matches the entire selection criteria for the listing of games like Tetris. You’ll need to rotate the pills (i.e. blocks) into position, clearing lines across the way. Falling rates increase with time, though you are able to rapidly force-drop pills the same as in Tetris.

  1. BlockOut 2

BlockOut 2 is better called a top-down version of Tetris. You move the blocks as they fall into the box and the goal is to create complete ‘layers’that disappear. As with most other games like Tetris, the objective is to create these ‘layers’as efficiently as you can with no blocks touching the top.

  1. Dream of Pixels

Interestingly, this game allows you to create your own personal original shapes which are then dropped on to the box to fit with others. This simple but effective gameplay mechanic makes Dream of Pixel much more interactive set alongside the classic Tetris format of fixed shapes.

  1. Slydris

Slydris places some increased exposure of color-matching. Matching exactly the same colors in one line will give you bonus points. Additionally, there are other unique game modes such as for instance Survival Mode and Zen Mode, helping to make Slydris a little different to most other straightup block puzzle games like Tetris.

  1. Kirby’s Star Stacker

As with most other games like Tetris, Kirby’s Star Stacker is about dropping blocks and trying to fit them as quickly as you can to avoid them from attaining the top.

  1. Lumines

While the fundamental block concept of Lumines is very similar, this is actually a rather different game from Tetris. Sound and light patterns play a substantial role in how you set your blocks. Matching them by color will give you extra points, and once the backdrop music reaches a particular point, blocks of a specific color will soon be removed.

  1. Mini Meteors

You have to match at least three blocks in a row or column, and the blocks don’t just disappear, they fly upwards off the screen and take the upcoming blocks in the same column alongside them. However, sometimes there are a lot of blocks, and you’ll need to quickly match more sequences to provide the rockets enough power boost to blast off most of the blocks.

  1. Doctor Eggman’s Mean Bean Machine

Unlike other games like Tetris on this list, this title is exclusively multiplayer. So you’ll always be competing against an AI or another player at any given time. Clearing a wide array of beans causes ‘refugee beans’to suddenly appear on the other player’s field, tripping up their row-clearing efforts and ensuring constant back-and-forth battles.

  1. 1010 Block Puzzle Mania

The blocks don’t fall down the board. Instead, the goal of 1010 Block Puzzle Mania is always to manually find a place for each block to complete the board in its entirety. Not having room enough will cause a game title over. This mechanic is very different from most other games like Tetris, encouraging a different sort of reflexive creativity.

  1. Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled is really a tile-matching game that takes some influence from Tetris. You should match sets of gems (i.e. basically blocks) by switching them to color-match one another, thus clearing them. Like Tetris, bonus, rewards points are gained by clearing multiple combos at once.

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