Top 10 Games Like Temple Run

It’s no secret that Temple Run has changed into a force to be reckoned with on the App Store today. Not just does it continuously hold an area on the App Store Top 100 charts, but it additionally inspired several direct sequels and spin-off games, such as Temple Run: Oz and Temple Run 2. But even beyond that, Temple Run had a huge hand in crafting a fresh game genre that has since taken the mobile world by storm: the endless runner. Now it’s pretty safe to think that you’ve seen a casino game or two appear on the App Store that plays somewhat like Temple Run, and for good reason: there are a lot of them these days. So we’ve chosen to compile a set of a few of our favorite mobile games that offer a gameplay experience that’s just like Temple Run.

Agent Dash

Secret agents are no strangers to the world of endless running. All things considered, how do you expect they make their harrowing escapes following a mission went wrong? In Agent Dash, you’ll undertake a top-secret underground base with a full choice of super cool spy gadgets right at your disposal.

Rail Rush

Speeding down the rails in a rusty mine cart that seems like it might very well tip over at any moment has always been an exciting trope in the video game world.

Running With Friends

Everything is better with friends, right? Well, the exact same goes for endless runner games too, as seen in Zynga’s social method of the genre, Running With Friends. Outrun a raging bull alongside your absolute best buds and try not to have the horns!

Sonic Dash

Sonic the Hedgehog has long held the title to be gaming’s fastest character for several years now, and therefore it was just a matter of time before the blue blur raced his way onto the exciting fast-paced endless runner with Sonic Dash!

Last Knight

Gallop by way of a lush and vibrant medieval kingdom on your own trusty steed, as you take control of a fearless knight on a journey to rescue a kidnapped princess from the evil.

One Epic Knight

Pitfall Harry makes a triumphant return here on the mobile screen, but his adventurer’s luck certainly hasn’t seemed to enhance: as you will need to remain in front of an erupting volcano in this endless runner.

Subway Surfers

We always knew that the Minions of Despicable Me were cute, but did additionally you understand that the little yellow guys are pretty agile as well? This movie tie-in runner is hilarious, fast-paced, and features a great deal of banana collecting and adorable costumes – what’s not to love?

Galactic Skater

Sometimes the world just doesn’t have enough room for all the running that people do in the current mobile games – they’re called “endless” runners all things considered!

Kite Surfer

Tired of all that walking around on foot? Well hop on a surfboard instead and let your kite pull you throughout the ocean in the beautiful tropics of Kite Surfer!

Catch the Ark

That jerk Noah finished building his ark and now he’s attempting to make you behind to manage the merciless flood all on your own! You’d better catch up to him fast on that makeshift raft of yours if you would like your strange little species to survive.

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