Top 10 Games Like Stardew Valley

Created by Eric Barone, Stardew Valley is a wonderful farming simulator that has captured the hearts of fans across the world. The game’s main premise is simple. You play a character who inherits a home and plot of land from your own grandfather. From the beginning, everything is in disarray. It’s thus up to you to clear the mess to acquire a proper farm running. You’ll tend to your livestock and crops, trying to generate profits as you expand your farm with improved buildings and equipment. Stardew Valley also has a lot of NPCs with quite a few romance / marriage options. Other fun activities include mining, crafting, and fishing, to mention a few. Furthermore, there are a lot of side-quests with a slew of unlockable content. Put simply, games like Stardew Valley learn how to keep things simple yet insanely addictive.

  1. The Harvest Moon series

Stardew Valley is inspired by his love for earlier Harvest Moon games. It’s thus easy to spot the similarities between the two franchises. To begin with, most Harvest Moon games task you with repairing a rundown farm, turning it right into a thriving one. You can also plant a lot of crops, talk to lots of people (with love options), and improve your buildings / facilities. Visually, Harvest Moon games have gone through several changes any way you like (e.g. from 2D to 3D, etc.). However, many releases do share exactly the same top-down bright aesthetics noticed in Stardew Valley.

  1. Plantera

Like Stardew Valley, Plantera is a farming simulator that’ll perhaps you can grow fruits, crops, trees, and take care of exotic animals as you try to grow your farm into a natural work of art. On the way, you’ll attract various Helper creatures that’ll help you in carrying out a number of the more mundane tasks. Plantera also features cute cartoony aesthetics that’ll appeal to many Stardew Valley fans.

  1. Shepherd’s Crossing 2

This much-improved sequel to the first will likely attract anyone keen for games like Stardew Valley. Not surprisingly, you start your adventure in a small town, helping villagers out as you raise many different crops and animals on your own ever-expanding farm. You are able to also date and marry the partner of your dreams. The gameplay is open-ended, giving you the freedom to partake in a wide variety of adventuring fun and casual activities.

  1. Animal Crossing series

This long-standing series is frequently in comparison to Stardew Valley in certain respects. In all of the games, you’ll play as an individual character surrounded by communicative animals and villagers. You’ll then spend a reasonable timeframe collecting items and exploring nearby areas and villages. Like Stardew Valley, planting crops and basic farming are especially big features in these games. There’s also lots of character and house customization options, some of which even affect what sort of story unfolds.

  1. Farming Simulator series

If you’re searching for hardcore farming simulation games, look no more than… the Farming Simulator series (duh!). While Stardew Valley offers simple farming mechanics to be far more realistic. You’re basically plopped right into a large open-world where you’ll have the ability to plant crops and raise animals of most kinds. On top of that, you’ll even get to use a lot more than 250 farming vehicles and equipment, all rendered with authentic details.

  1. Castaway Paradise

Similar to many games like Stardew Valley, you begin Castaway Paradise amidst a big sandbox world. You’ll then spend most of your time raking soil, planting seeds, and raising your very own farm from scratch.  Other fun activities include fishing, catching bugs, and completing NPC side-quests. Moreover, the game is set with a lot of customizable outfits to spruce up the look of your cartoony characters. Castaway Paradise will also draw out the retail lover in you having its simple but functional trading system for buying / selling goods with gems.

  1. Farm for Your Life

Comparable to other games like Stardew Valley, you’ll spend your days in Farm For Your Life cultivating different crops and raising animals. Yet, what makes this game truly unique is its hybrid mixture of farming simulation and tower defense. In terms of TD, you’ll pick from a selection of different tower types as you try to safeguard your land from attacking zombies that creep out at night. Through the day, you’ll manage your very own restaurant, serving delicious dishes while bartering for items you need to help expand your farm.

  1. World’s Dawn

Just like Stardew Valley, World’s Dawn is directly inspired by the Harvest Moon series. Set inside a quiet seaside village, the overall game showcases the same top-down perspective with a great deal of cute cartoonish characters. As expected, you’ll be harvesting crops, maintaining livestock, and expanding your farm with new equipment and stocks. You will also be building friendships with a broad cast of quirky characters, a number of whom you might even fall in love with. Other addictive tasks include mining, fishing, competing in prize festivals, using magic, and so on.

  1. Farmerama

Farmerama has most of the same farming simulation mechanics as Stardew Valley. However, the overall game has a significantly greater social dimension to it. As you of an incredible number of registered users, you’ll get to trade lots of farming goods with other players, with the decision to include them as your Neighbors. You can then help to clear each other’s lands, exchange experience points, and give lots of fun gifts. Similar to the majority of games like Stardew Valley, a great deal of your farming time is likely to be dedicated to raising crops and animals as you work to expand your land. Farmerama also features bright and cartoony aesthetics, albeit from an isometric as opposed to top-down perspective.

  1. Township

Township blends city-building gameplay with farming simulation. Similar to other games like Stardew Valley, you begin in a small town where you’ll start to harvest crops, improve on your own farming equipment, and sell goods for profit. The overall game also showcases extensive social features, permitting you to interact with other online players who will help accelerate your town’s growth. Compared to Stardew Valley, Township is isometric with graphics inspired by SimCity.

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