Top 10 Games Like Skyrim

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a Role-playing game by Bethesda Game Studios and brings Open World, Action and Exploration components for hardcore players. The main plot of the game centers on the protagonist and his quest to take down the antagonist named Alduin the World-Eater, who is a dragon and effort to destroy the world. The game takes place two-hundred years after the event of Oblivion and set in the fictional province of Skyrim. Gamers use both first and third-person view to interact with environment and non-player characters. Set out yourself on an exciting journey filled with challenging missions and brutal enemies. Check out the game and immerse yourself in realistic role-playing experience.

There are up to 10 Games available, offering Similar Games to Skyrim.

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  1. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a gorgeous game brings the components of Action, Role-playing, Open World, and Exploration similar to Skyrim. Monolith Productions created the game for those who are addictive of playing Role-playing games. The main plot of the game takes place after the events of The Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit. The game can get into the shoes of the protagonist named as Talion, who is a ranger and was slaughtered by the Black Hand of Sauron. Take an opportunity to become a hero, and walk through 3D environment from third-person perspective to fulfill your tasks and side-quests to earn XP points. Check it out at once and you’ll become addict of it.

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  1. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the brilliant title from Bioware Edmonton who combines Action Role-playing, Open World and Quest-based elements for hardcore players. Single and Multiplayer both modes are present in the game and it is the direct sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and followed by Dragon Age II. The main story follows the protagonist called Inquisitor, who is on an epic mission to rebuild the civil unrest in the Thedas’ continent and close mysterious tear called the Breach. Earn XP points and accomplish a series of quests filled with challenges, brutal monsters and mind-bending puzzles.

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  1. Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome brings an Action Role-playing game with Hack and Slash component by Crytek and Microsoft Studios. The game takes place in the alternative version of Rome settings and follows the Roman centurion Marius Titus’ life, as he becomes the best leader of the Rome Legion. Gameplay centers on the protagonist using his mighty sword to take down enemies and a strong shield to deflect attacks. Take on the role of Marius Titus, a general and navigate the world from third-person view to interact with environment and non-player characters. Ryse: Son of Rome is the best game in the list of Alternative to Skyrim.

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  1. Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 has both Single and Multiplayer campaigns and focuses on Action and Role-playing elements developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Games. Dark Souls 2 is the 3rd installment in the series of Dark Souls and uses dedicated multiplayer servers. Takes place in the Drangleic’s world and introduces both PvE (Player versus Environment) and PVP (Player versus Player) gameplay. The gameplay is similar to its predecessors and casts the player in the role of the protagonist who must effort to fulfill his quests. If you love playing Skyrim, then you’d try this game.

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  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a wonderful game for hardcore players who love playing exploration, hack and slash, fighting and role-playing games with action elements. The game is developed and published by the same company called CD Projekt RED. Combines the Open World, Third-person Perspective and puts the player into the role of the protagonist named as Geralt of Rivia, who is a monster hunter also known as a Witcher. The protagonist finds his adopted daughter while fighting against monsters and enemies. Check out this and have fun.

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  1. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is an Action Role-playing game by Arkane Studios and Ubisoft. Unlike Skyrim, the protagonist can explore the world using the first-person perspective and can battle against enemies using the sword to take down them and shield to deflect their attacks. The protagonist Sareth, struggling to retrieve an artifact while battling against enemies, monsters and more. The game is about exploring the world, solve puzzles, and completing levels. Level-up your characters and gain more energy to enhance your performance.

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  1. Neverwinter

Neverwinter focuses on Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing and Open world game for those hardcore players who are addictive to Skyrim. It has eight character classes and the player can choose one of them to start his dangerous journey, where he must face off enemies, monsters, and bosses. The game uses both action points and healing powers, enabling the player to perform a unique ability by using action points through combat. It has a system called “Foundry”, enabling the player to create his unique quests and stories.

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  1. Risen 3

Risen 3 is an Action Role-playing, and Open World game by Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes. It is the direct sequel to Risen 2: Dark Waters and the 3rd title in the series of Risen. Get into the shoes of the nameless protagonist, who must battle against his enemies and kill them for experience points. The game takes place in highly detailed environments filled with brutal foes, monsters and non-player characters for your assist. Struggle to accomplish challenging quests and go deep into the story to complete the levels and upgrade your character. Risen 3 is the game of hardcore players who love playing Action Role-playing games.

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  1. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a gorgeous game by Blizzard Entertainment which combines Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing and Open World elements for multiple platforms. Set in a fantasy-based world called Warcraft Universe and the player controls the character, who has to explore the world from first and third-person view, navigating the exciting landscapes, accomplishing quests, battling a variety of monsters, and interacting non-player characters. It has various realms including Normal (PvE), PvP (player versus player), RP (Role-playing), RP-PvP, and more. Check out the game and have fun.

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  1. Age of Conan

Age of Conan is centered on MMORPG with fantasy-themed, open world and exploration elements by Funcom. The first installment in the series of Age of Conan and set on the continent of the Hyborian kingdoms, after the event of The Hour of the Dragon. Select your online avatar and customize it using different options. After completing the customization, the player must explore the world to interact with non-player characters, solve puzzles, and complete a variety of quests and side-quests. Rogue, Priest, and Soldier are different character classes in the game from which the player can choose one of them. Check out this game as an alternative to Skyrim and have fun.

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