Top 10 Games Like Sakura Angels

Long, some time ago, your family used their cunning and combined might to lock away the powers of an evil witch who threatened the entire world. Now, however, that which is hunting for you, the most recent descendant of the people who sealed her away, and two mysterious ladies with mystical powers task themselves with helping you save from the witch and helping you’re able to underneath of the mystery.


The main character interacts with various women by providing them with gifts and speaking with them. The player who earns more points can progress by taking the woman on more dates.

Sakura Spirit

Just fourteen days far from the Judo match that could make or break your amateur career in the sport, you visit a shrine in order to pray for good fortune in your upcoming bout. However, whenever you get up after praying, you will find yourself in a completely foreign land and must find your way home.

Crush Crush

If you are looking for a fun, flirty game that you can jump into and out of with ease if you have the full time for this, then Crush Crush is for you!

Hatoful Boyfriend

In this unique, quirky, and crazy visual novel, you play as the only real human student provided for a school for… birds! While you are at the school, you turn some very flexible heads, and soon you’ve gentleman bird suitors lining up to have a chance at your heart!

HunieCam Studio

If you have a mind for business and consider yourself to be always a very open-minded person, then Huniecam Studio is actually a game that works for you. Inside, you are put in control of managing an on the web camgirl service, attracting clientele, and becoming the brand new internet sensation!

Shira Oka: Second Chances

Perhaps you have sat down and wondered how you would live your life differently if you might go back in time and try it again, knowing everything you know now?

Gal*Gun: Double Peace

In the visual novel Gal*Gun: Double Peace, your life takes to surprise and crazy turn when you’re suddenly shot by an arrow from Cupid, making yourself irresistible to all or any the women in your school! IN this on-the-rails shooting gallery game, you must flee your school and allow it to be to safety!

If My Heart Had Wings

This touching and charming visual novel will get you via a story of love, loss, and the daunting feeling that comes when someone is struggling to get their invest in the universe. In If My Heart Had Wings, you’ll experience all of these emotions and much more as you sit back and allow the story unravel.


You are an expert photographer who has suddenly had the great fortune of becoming the personal photographer to Super Sonico, and upcoming pop sensation. You’ll directly shape her career by determining what she wears, and her public image based on what kind of pictures you take of her.

Go! Go! Nippon! My First Trip to Japan

Experience all the sights and sounds of Japan in this touristic accept a Visual Novel! In Go! Go! Nippon! You play as a tourist to the island nation, who will explore all the major sights, researching Japan’s history and culture as you go along!

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