Top 10 Games Like Saints Row

Saints Row is and has become the best game to keep things interesting and mischief. The alternative game helps you kill aliens, whilst car surfing, only to leap off, grab another car and determine doing stunts is more enjoyment?, nor even get me began the customization, I’m talking my avatar may be the craziest thing you’ve experienced inside your life… Let me just say three words, boobs, green and suit. Hopefully, I mentioning the sheer playfulness of mafia wars hasn’t hurt your gaming mind excessive with all the belief that you cannot fill the void till the next saints game comes out. In case you’re sat in despair screaming “I miss you saint row! You left a dent no one can fill, not my pals, my girlfriend, even if it’s just my significant other!”

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5, the top GTA ever created! With constant updates, AMAZING multiplayer features, awesome customization and an index of countless things regarding friends and playing solo. Bingo absolutely does come packing. It’s ahead of then it’s time and might be seen as greater than Saints Row: O Wait another well then, I’ll explain…Grand Theft Auto 5 is actually the sopranos, it’s dark, it’s realistic and it makes you seem like you choose to turn into a gangsta. Whereas Saint Row is much more like Dead pool. Its badass, exciting, in a contrasting universe. Which explains why if you have never already, you need to post this incredible open world game and have gaming. You is definitely not disappointed.

  1. Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is addictive video game happens when GTA and Saints Row get drunk and accidentally has a child, they then make a decision that they love one another and raise your son or daughter inside a loving home. Using its combination of pure insanity, I’m talking jumping out of the jumbo jet on top of a mini (car) and then choose that you choose jumbo jet, so jumping off the top mini and chasing the jumbo jet to the ground and then catch it, bring it back above and restart the entire process again. Just Cause mixes the realness from the GTA story, with all the playful awesomeness of Saints Row.

  1. Far Cry 3 and 4

I must debate on adding Far Cry because it’s a little less like Saints row and a little bit more like a rebel shooter… But with the amazing open worlds, killer story and crazy arsenal of guns and vehicles mafia wars possess I couldn’t resist. I seem like in case you are a fan of Saints Row you’ll love just entering the crazy Far Cry world with awesome bosses, crazy animals that try and kick is out individual while you choose to do important stuff as well as amazing open world map which offers loads to explore.

  1. Crackdown

Crackdown is the double of Saints Row 4, with superpowers, the exact same leveling up system (using orbs) and other powers like accumulating walls, jumping high, super speed and power stomps. The gameplay style also matches the other with Crackdown being a true arcade style. Now Crackdown isn’t an activity you’ll spend years playing and i believe Saints row is best, but as an activity to give some time, enjoy and handle, Crackdown is well worth the investment.

  1. Mafia

Now Mafia isn’t exactly like Saints Row I’m not about to lie, but what Mafia is, is an activity that each saints fan will love. The mafia franchise has become insanely great at creating stories that get you excited, make you imagine and in some cases get within your head. The gameplay is similar to GTA, though a significantly greater center on shooting, driving mechanics and story.

  1. Dead Rising

Dead rising is the zombie baby of Saints, the creativity, the customization of weapons as well as amazing map will be deeply attached to Saints. What feels the enjoyment you obtain from finding new ways to kill and in some cases the story is a comparable style to Saints. Really the only difference is rather than looking for crazy stunts and weird creative stuff to complete on this planet, you’ll look for crazy ways to kill massive degrees of zombies and places to cover when the zombie killing fails you.

  1. All Point Bulletin

Now you have an MMO version of GTA the place you play cops and robbers, now mafia wars can be lots of fun, so long as your video game doesn’t get interrupted by hackers. If doesn’t happen then you can certainly enjoy a brilliant arsenal of guns, cars and ways to either catch bad guys, or rob good guys. Bingo could have been incredible once they released a version that has been well moderated and a bit better built, however for a free of charge game, you just can’t complain.

  1. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs will be here baby and I’m talking crazy open world hacking, parkour, action, story and awesomeness. Bingo is unusual and is totally more than worth it just for the story. Now as I write this we certainly have the 2nd Watch Dog popping out and I totally recommend holding off and getting it. Having seen a clip and watching the game play this game appears unusual, so appear missions, open world, crazy graphics, vehicles, but all ended unlike you’ve experienced them then watch dogs is the sport available for you!

  1. Dying Light

One, the zombies are enjoyable to kill (super hard sometimes) and there’s plenty of different types of zombie. Two, it’s all online (if you would like it to be) in order to play along with your friends. Three, the story plot sucked me in and keeps making me come back. Four, the weapon system fades our planet, the looting makes gameplay more fun plus the side quests add new elements towards the game.

  1. Rust

An open world survival game which is easily one of the best created to date. Craig’s list 120 thousand reviews but still a 9 from 10, this open world game will definitely prevent you and all sorts of your family members entertained. Now, this is another game that doesn’t share a lot of in common with Saint Row apart from the open world, but it will have a similar form of creative mischief you can find approximately for long periods of time, both alone and having a friend.

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