Top 10 Games Like Risk

Risk is really a classic game invented by Albert Lamorisse (a film director, of everything!). His idea was later purchased by legendary game-makers Parker Brothers and first released to the public in 1957. Decades later, Risk still retains much of its original concept. You select a side, deploy your troops, and attack others in a search to achieve global dominance. Defense and reinforcements are also key to victory. In more recent years, Risk has also made a successful jump into online multiplayer, winning over a brand new audience of millions. Looking to capitalize on the franchise’s popularity, many similar online games like Risk have cropped up within the years.

  1. atWar

atWar is one of several games much like Risk – but with several key enhancements. For beginners, it mixes core Risk-like rules with elements of Civilization. So, which means you will be given a massive selection of unit types with unique attributes whilst also managing Cities that generate new troops. Compared to WarLight, the maps in atWar look a bit more detailed and even come with distinct themes (e.g. Game of Thrones, Toy Wars, etc.). Territorial movements are also a lot more free-flowing.

  1. Conquer Club

Conquer Club takes pride in its Risk-like roots. Thus, as you’d expect, you be busy deploying troops and attacking / defending new territories, all in an effort to vanquish your online opponents. Better yet, the game absolutely nails it as it pertains to world map varieties. atWar has a whooping total of more than 200+ varied maps, giving you near infinite methods to adapt and improve your core strategy. Additionally, each map is aesthetically pleasing – no real bells and whistles, but definitely easy on your eyes.

  1. WarLight

WarLight plays very much the same as most games like Risk. You basically overlook some sort of map, deploy troops, and defend / conquer territories against opponents. The layout of the territories is simply much like Risk as well. That means you are able to expect most of your tried-and-true Risk-like strategies to work nicely in WarLight too. The game can also be browser-based, so there’s no significance of clunky programs or installs.

  1. Dominating 12

Dominating 12 is really a Risk-like game that has the most common planning and execution phases, along side reinforcements and territorial fortification. The game provides similar gameplay to WarLight and this browser-based game has colorful yet attractive-looking world maps with similar Risk boundaries. The game also offers two main modes of play: Live (speed games) for quick online matches under 10 minutes, and Long games that will take days or even weeks to finish.

  1. Major Command

Like other games like Risk, Massive Command has a sleek world map, well color-coded with similar gameplay Risk-like territories. Additionally you get lots of custom and themed maps to use the hands on. All the fundamental game stages are here too: deployment, attack, reinforcements, etc. So, again, your entire tried-and-true strategies may be easily applied. The game can also be browser based without much in the way of lag.


  1. LandGrab

When it wasn’t obvious enough, LandGrab is all about… grabbing land from your enemies. Like other games much like Risk, you will be strategizing attacks whilst defending territories against other online players. The overhead world map also has a lively look with clear contrasting colors distinguishing all sides. Additionally you will have the opportunity to create and play custom maps, thus promising extra hours of fun military planning. Furthermore, LandGrab rewards you with cards that give different boosts to your forces.

  1. Dice Wars

Dice Wars is slightly distinctive from almost every other games like Risk. The fundamental idea remains the same: you possess territories, attack / defend others, and dominate the entire map. However, here, as opposed to military personnel, you literally play as rolling dice – hence the name Dice Wars. Everything is presented in simple aesthetics without any browser-lag whatsoever.

  1. Border Siege

Border Siege is really a Risk-like game for Android devices. The game sticks to the fundamentals of the classic game with similar rules and settings you’ve come to expect. A major plus of Border Siege is its streamlined graphics. There aren’t any over-the-top battery-draining animations here, giving you room to play all day on end. The game also supports around six players per match, with the freedom to mix AI opponents with real online players. Furthermore, Border Siege offers a good number of gameplay options, including Fog of War, Supply Line settings, changing winning conditions, and more.

  1. KDice

Looks similar? That’s because KDice is quite akin to Dice Wars in many respects – with a couple of beefed up features. Like Dice Wars, you control dice in place of Risk-like army units, with maps that pretty much look the exact same in style. There’s also the usual planning and attacking phrases, as can be expected from online games like Risk. However, unlike Dice Wars, KDice has an entirely functioning online multiplayer mode. Matches are easy to setup and join with little to no lag.

  1. Art of War

Art of War outright compares itself to Risk – and also Axis and Allies and Diplomacy. The game has all the conventional mechanics of the classic game with a couple of unique features, including the capacity to transfer your territories / troops over to online allies. All the planet maps are easy on the eyes and include beautiful themes. In reality, why is Art of War truly stand out is the fact that the development team actually hires professional artists to create their aesthetics. This ensures that every map is of a greater quality than most others. Additionally, multiplayer choices are well-integrated and joining games is really a breeze. Art of War’s interface is also much sleeker than a number of other online games like Risk.

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